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Monday, November 03, 2008

Unconscious mutterings

Unconscious mutterings -They say......I think!
  1. In love:: with words, art and my kids, some may think its lame, but it seriously fills me up!
  2. Be my guest: at a coffee shop or a pub, I just don’t entertain much anymore!
  3. Number one: thing is my daughter, then everything falls in behind that!
  4. Swallowed whole: pot sticker the other night, just kidding I chewed it!
  5. 50 percent: awake is what I am most days!
  6. Made in :Canada…my choice of what I want to buy…We have stringent regulations and fairly decent union wages! Oh and health care!
  7. Supplement :life with more money please..
  8. Right for ::asking….I am learning to ask for what I want… seems to be mundane things, like help with housework, not having to cook, carrying things upstairs, that’s all! I like to be freed up from those things…still bogged down with it though.
  9. Endless ::love is what I feel inside….I truly do. Wish I felt this way when I was young. Funny thing is I always thought it was doing…now I know it’s actually just being! Does that make any sense? Although I do thoughtful things for the kids daily…because I want to and they appreciate me and reciprocate. I know I wouldn’t do it if I felt abused or taken advantage of!
  10. Ceramic :: fun mugs, plates and vases made my Mary Naylor are my favorite and the whimsy and vibrant colors makes me joyful. How many people do you know who feel joy having a cup of coffee out of a fun mug? Oh yeah probably lots!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'm with ya on number 7

Lucy said...

i just adore u giggs! xoxx

forgetfulone said...

Love your answers to 5 and 8. I had a feeling #10 would be mugs or plates. Can't imagine why!

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