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Monday, November 17, 2008

Violette and Nicci at Creative Finds

Saturday Pepper and I attended a Creative Finds craft fair facilitated by our Artist friend Nicci from Brushed with Magic.
Nicci had an array of necklaces and tree ornaments for sale, along with a spinner of cards! Pepper already owns a purple and pink necklace of Niccis.
So this time we were interested in purchasing some goodies from our Artist friend Violette who has a book coming out in April. You can see Violette is wearing an apron specially made for the affair!
I've always been fortunate to receive Violette's lovely pieces of art for gifts. I have a fridge full of her special magnets. This time we purchased some cards and a little doll ornament!

Pepper fell in love with this sweet little character that she named Bella.A new addition to our Christmas tree this year. She'll be exempt from the box of decorations so we can enjoy her all year round. Isn't she adorable? I must admit...seeing her squished and unnerved in a plastic bag for the trip home made us both rather sick.

Violette standing behind her table presenting her creative pieces.
A whimsical display of color, Violette's art makes my soul happy!
I thought you might enjoy a close up of her treasures. I've forwarded on the individual photos of her dolls so she can display them on her blog. After all it's Violette's work, I shouldn't have all the glory here!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

oh that IS gorgeous!

Mary Timme said...

They are certainly bright and creative. Just beautiful all together, too.

Mimi Lenox said...

What a bright and cheery box of colors. You guys look like you're having a ball!

Lilly said...


Lucy said...

Your glory is for being such a supportive, inspiring friend! Love Vi's work! very much reminds me of what I love about yours Sher! Also so good for the soul!
bella is simply..bella! love how often you get to enjoy these crafty affairs! xo

gel said...

Love Violette's apron. Her creations are colourful and happy. I'd love to be exhibiting next to her.

As another artist, I will check out her blog! Your a great friend for presenting such a marvelous post highlighting her creativity.

violette said...

Thanks so much Sherrie for posting these photos and for being such a lovely, supportive friend! You and Pepper made my day!

Hey..........also thanks so much for posting my book Journal Bliss in your sidebar! I hope you are an Amazon affiliate!

You're the best....and so are your photos!

Love, Violette

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