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Monday, November 17, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings 303

This is a letter my friend wrote and had published in our provincial newspaper! It's the follow up to number 5 on my mutterings!

Published: Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My son and his friend have visited many countries with few problems and when they return home to Vancouver they feel safe and very comfortable.

My son tells me they travel smart, know the ways of the world and believe taking transit to downtown Vancouver and walking to their pub of choice is safe.

But on Friday night they went downtown, where my son was punched, kicked, thrown to the ground, choked and robbed.

His friend stood by helplessly with a knife held to his throat.

This is not an isolated incident. When did we give our city away? How can we take it back?

Unconscious Mutterings week 303 they say.....I think!
  1. Please stop ::judging people from the outside in, we’re more than the bodies we reside in!
  2. Move over :: and make room for each car to travel with ease.
  3. Sweet as ::pie, my daughter when she’s at her best!
  4. Bet ::you didn’t know I despise wearing socks, and my black jeep is 16 years old!
  5. Mad about ::my friends son getting jumped, robbed and beat up by five men, while his friend stood watching with a knife held to his throat. This young fella traveled the world with no incidence of violence and here on his own turf this happens…..you bet I’m mad!
  6. It’s over ::so get busy finding the best part of yourself and enhance it!
  7. Intend to ::be more charitable when ever possible
  8. Blame ::only yourself for past mistakes!
  9. Jefferson ::Bill Jefferson Clinton
  10. Heartless ::is the person who can walk past the homeless without acknowledging they may be mentally ill, or a child of abuse!


gel said...

Hi, am hear from Lulu's blog (I think- the wonderful hairstylist who loves doggies).

I'm delighted to have found a group of new "arty/writing" blogs that are interesting and upbeat. I read your profile: tarot, scrabble, decorating, loving color... wish CA wasn't so far away. We have a lot in common.

These musings are a range of emotions. They all struck a chord with me. As for your #10, every year I choose a charity that I donate 10% of my profits to. This year it is to Adult survivors of Child Abuse. (See my post "Colourfalls" although you may laugh at "Wanderlust.")

Your blog name is wonderful and so is your icon. Did you draw your icon yourself? I truly wear purple lipstick in real life. Enough about me. Am going to look around here some more and already bookmarked your fabulous blog! Nice to have met you. :D <<<< My purple lips in a smile

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Right on with these answers...great list.

Lucy said...

SHERRIE! HOW AWFUL FOR YOUR FRIENDS SON! THAT MAKES ME OUTRAGED! IS HE OKAY? I hope his external injuries will heal quickly, as for the trauma he sustained, I think it must take forever to get over that.
Is that them in the pic? good looking boys.
your mutterings were terrific, DIDn'T know about the Socks! what do u wear in the winter?
hope u pop over and read my doggie mutterings, I know YOU will relate. xox

Art Lover said...

hi giggles, thanks for the nice comments! i like your answers here esp number 6. just sad about number 5, can imagine you're mad. hugs too! :-)

Tammy said...

That is a shame. I hope he heals emotionally, along with physicallly.

pattie said...

My son was also the victim of something similar to this...He was left unconscious lying in the street..I have never and will never understand this type of thing...and it breaks your heart to know that as humans we can hurt each other so...My your son heal and your heart heal also...

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