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Monday, December 08, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings Dec

Gingerbread house made in 1988

Unconscious mutterings

they say....I think!
  1. Love affair ::with art
  2. Bubble ::For years I chewed wads of gum, annoying many with my huge bubbles that brought about scads of laughter.
  3. Pimple ::change the p with a d and you have a dimple…. Both of which some people have on their bums! SOME PEOPLE! Not gunna say who….but SOME PEOPLE!
  4. Knocks ::initially hurt but certainly push me the a new direction
  5. Persistent ::My daughter emulates my ability to be persistent…it can be a very winning trait
  6. Infected: with laughter is my motto…best route to happiness!
  7. Yay! :: my daughter keeps winning a buck here and there on her scratch and wins. She’s up to 16 dollars so far. It thrills her daily!
  8. Repaint ::the canvas I’m working on….so I can get it to my liking.
  9. Daily ::scrabble I need my fix
  10. Quickly! ::I do a few chores, the bare necessities so I can continue to create!


Lilly said...

I love the pimple comment. Nice post.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Oh fine, now I'm hungry for gingerbread. Love your responses. You are very funny. Have a great day. :)

gel said...

To think I wrote about that doll, Dimple :D. Was interesting to hear about "Giggles" origin.
Oh, I LOVE scrabble and wordox/wordsteal. Do you play online?

Tammy said...

I used to make my kid's spit their gum out if they snapped it. They still do it. lol I know about dimples. Grrrr!

Lucy said...

Now something tells me that dimpled butt would look fun on a canvASS! get to work!
you always think of such clever mutterings Sherrie! Tell Pep, to keep on playing those scratch offs,I am feeling like one of us is going to HiT it!! xo

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