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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Change Forever

Sound the horns, bring out the champagne....It's a golden day!
that will live far beyond my life!
This is a resounding time where the world celebrates
with the United States of America, a Victory for CHANGE!

Fruition of Martin Luther Kings dream, on the steps of manifestation!
Tears come easy these days, thinking of the change
that will occur for children who once wandered aimlessly amidst the advantaged.
I am glued to each democratic word spoken, overwhelmed with happiness
for today the apron strings of racism can finally be severed !

Let the healing begin, with the hope repaired!

It won't be quick or easy fix! With an intelligent leader at the helm, compassion in the wind, there is much to look forward to!
All the best America, you've done yourself proud!

There is a difference

She was my best friend

When I was three,

I thought she had a really good tan,

But she didn’t

Her brother, a runner

Broke seven world records

Received two gold medals

He was different

But I didn’t notice

When I was five, we moved.

In the new house

Four framed prints

of ethnic children

Hung on the wall

behind the couch in the basement

No one else had pictures like ours

They were different

But I didn’t notice

When I was a teen

There was a lot of political unrest

People protesting

Riots on T.V,

Soon life was different

But I didn’t notice

I still sang along

To my dads Harry Belafonte,

and Nat King Cole records

instead of The Rolling Stones

and Black Sabath

I was different

Everyone noticed

I grew up

For a long while

I had Besse Pease Guttman art

In every room of my house

Then, one day

I woke up

I wanted to find art

In the image of my childhood friend

I searched and searched my city

for miles around

Still I found nothing

Except distortions,

and cartoons

So I settled for a few


Found in a department store

during Christmas

It made me so sad


Enduring images of others

None they could relate to

I continued my search

I walked by

three crumpled up Velvets

for five dollars each

At the flea market


I didn't notice

But my daughter did

They were different

no one wanted them

To me

equivalent to gold!

I cherish them


things are different

After today


Seeds of change will blossom

I WILL notice

Hopefully now

I will always

be able to easily find

Black angels

Read Running Uphill by Fil Fraser here

A documentary on a man who should have been alive today!


Lucy said...

thank YOU for the love Sherrie!
This was a very heartfelt moving piece.
I too, am hoping we find more black angels in our exciting new world.

gemma said...

Thank you so much!!! We are so happy!!!!

Flassie's Fil'a said...


Look up Debbie Bell-Jarret on Youtube. She has some beautiful art. She uses her grand child and niece in a couple of paintings.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

CattyCat said...

This post is a prime example of just why I just left you an award on my blog.

judie said...

Wonderful, heartfelt post, glitterdiva!

The art you did of the two little ones looks like Rosebud and Radiance! Love it. xoxoxoxoxo

Mary Timme said...

I didn't vote for Obama and that is fine. He is our president and I have to say I was surprised when people started talking about his nationality and ethnicity. I really didn't notice either. Sort of surprising for someone who was of the "Class of '59" some 50 years ago. I'm glad it doesn't matter here and else where! I hope we are all learning.

Alberta and Ava said...

Growing up in the sixties and seventies in Mississippi, I so identified with this post. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. Sadly, I remember "Colored" waiting rooms and water fountains and wanting a Black baby doll so badly, just to be told "no." Your painting of the best friends is absolutely beautiful.


gel(Emerald Eyes) said...

"I didn't notice" is as it should be and hope it WILL be for future people.

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