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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sunday Scribblings Organic

Sunday Scribblings Organic..... Unsure how to diplomatically express a comment Bryan made at Christmas I decided to do these few illustrations to go with a very childlike poem that I hope invokes a few giggles!

Organic peaceful types

Recycle, and reuse

Vegetarians by nature

The earth they’ll not abuse

Gym jockey ladies

Do yoga and weights

Daily exercises

Are their pleasure dates

The Frida followers

On facial hair are keen

Tend to a rebel lifestyle

They’re artists in between

The natural beauties

Wake up perfect everyday

Without a spot of makeup

They’re gorgeous in every way

Narcissist shows up

Spends a fortune to groom

Thousands on Breast expansion

To watch their figure bloom

Dyed hair monthly

Aspires to be model thin

Acquired nails at the spa

Intellect void within

Best perfume, shoes,and jewelry,

Compelled not to slip

Striving to be flawless

Forgets to bleach her hairy lip!


Mary Timme said...

So, I'm thinking that if you try to be phony it is always found out. Is that your little moral. If it is I think I can transliterate to the comment or there abouts.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

intellect void within, HAR!

Lucy said...

haha I am definitely giggling! The frida look alike was too funny! the world is made up of so many different
'types' But no matter who u are PLEASe bleach that lip! or better yet ... have it waxed darrllinnngg!! I so wish I could know Bryans comment! hint hint!! xo
(btw.. Your drawings here are just too damn fun! I bet this took a lot of thought and time! and as far as the poetry, If this is childish, what the heck would u call my attempts? haha)

Tumblewords: said...

How clever and fun. Love these ladies and I've been some of them at various times. Do you have one huddled under a blanket dreaming of spring yoga? LOL Actually, I was thinking these would make wonderful cards...

Patois said...

Absolutely fab! Always love your artwork, and your descriptions are spot on!

forgetfulone said...

That was a fabulous and funky poem! Great artwork.

linda may said...

This is great, I love it, but I am not sure where I fit in there. He he.

floreta said...

ha! my favorite was the frida one!

linda may said...

G'Day Again,
I am guessing that you would like to participate in Interview me. So if not ignore the questions I made up.
But here they are anyway.
1. Tell me about your favorite school teacher and why you remember them.
2. What are your favorite colors and combination of them, what are they on in your home?
3. Talk about the last thing that happened to you that really had you laughing to bits.
4.Where has been your favorite place to live and why, how long where you there.
5.Tell me about your family? What is their heritage and what they do now?
Thanks for participating.

I found a link on your blog tonight to a potter named Gary and spent an hour or so looking around his site. He is very interesting.

Rambler said...

hehhe the coolest take on the prompt by far :D

DJPare said...

Very fun!

keith said...

Just too funny! Great read, great pics, great post.

Linda Jacobs said...

This is a riot! Your poem is fun and your drawings are so cute! Wish I had some artistic talent!

latree said...

funny. I'm that second one. I do exercises 6 times a week... mostly just for fun. being health and good shaped are bonuses.

come to my 'Dandelion', I have a giveaway.

Granny Smith said...

These folk are definitely their natural organic selves! I'm still laughing. Your pictures and your verses are delicious!

gemma said...

Thank god my mustache is naturally blonde.:-)

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