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Monday, January 12, 2009

Interview me

My mother took this photo to prove how ridiculous I looked at fifteen in these railroad pants. We had many a fight over them,then she hid them. I searched high and low finally my brother alerted me to look under the car seat. I took them out, wearing them covertly so I didn't have to listen to her quacking! She knew how to make my life miserable over such petty things! In that day things could have been a lot worse, but for that era I was pretty straight! My mother was so unreasonable at times!

Interview me
As I was meandered the blogosphere this weekend I came across a game on Linda Mays blog, called "Interview Me". Let me know if you'd like to play along. I'll send you some questions!
Here are the rules. 1. Leave a comment saying Interview me. 2. Comments with email addresses will not be published to preserve privacy. 3. I will email you 5 questions. I get to pick the questions. 4. You can answer the questions on your blog. 5. post rules on your blog with an offer to interview anyone else who emails you wanting to be interviewed. 6. Anyone wishing to be interviewed should be sent 5 questions on their blog. 7. It would be nice if the questions were individualized for each blogger
Linda May asked me these questions!

  1. Tell me about your favorite school teacher and why you remember them.
Mrs. Assoon was a favorite teacher, a funky woman with a great understand of teens. She taught drama and English, the first to acknowledge my writing skills.She married a man of different race, very rare in my day.I thought that was so cool! I really admired her.She had a son named Dexter. I'd hoped to one day name a boy after him. It was a tie with Mr. Richard Loney who taught me for quite a few years. A choral teacher who gave me solos during concerts my parents never attended! I had quite a large range, he acknowledged my unique skills.Evenings he sang the National anthem for all Canucks hockey home games. He was very humble regarding his fame; it was never mentioned at school, yet we all knew!

  1. What are your favorite colors and combination of them, what are they on in your home?

Anyone that reads my blog knows I love purple and green, especially that combination. I have it in my family room, and a different combination of shades in my living room, plus I have eggplant in my bedroom with another green! I'm constantly changing to more current versions of green and purple too!

I like an orange, fuchsia combination as is the small powder room in my home! (see above photo) I contemplated changing it recently, but was met with opposition. So I'll keep it as is awhile longer! Visitors enjoy the whimsy of it!

But I love black too! Wearing lots of black clothing, shoes, coats, and I drive a black car. I have many black accessories where ever possible. Black with either pink or red I love! But black with anything bright is a favorite! I can't pin it down because I adore all color save beige!

My living room
A fuchsia ( some call it purple) wall with green couch!
Christmas 2006

3. Talk about the last thing that happened to you that really had you laughing to bits.

Something funny happens everyday to make me giggle. But when my bum kept dumping the puzzle off the coffee table I howled in laughter. It didn’t matter how hard I tried not to, some days I just move past it, I swear the wind of my bum knocked pieces off! It was constant laughter….of course I had to keep reattaching it. Thankfully it’s finally done and back in it's cage, I mean box where it belongs!

My place December 27th 2008

4.Where has been your favorite place to live and why, how long were you there?

I’ve had a few really elite homes that I loved, my last one being my dream home. But living here has the been the most peace I have ever felt. Even though I loved those other places, cherish the extremely fun memories of those times, as well as the fiscal freedom. The solace here has given me more room to explore myself. When I was a child there was lots of conflict in the home, when I was married 23 years it was just a sad state. Not so much drama but a lot of tippy- toeing around the ogre. The last eleven years I’ve lived here as a single mom I’ve found a part of myself I never knew existed. The Artist within!

5. Tell me about your family? What is their heritage and what they do now? Thanks for participating.

Well I speak lots about my family, daughter, son-in-law, brother and deceased parents on my blog, but I am of Ukrainian, Russian descent on my maternal side. Irish and Scottish on my paternal side. I have inherited a real European style of cooking with loads of garlic and onion as my main spice from my mother. But my peaceful nature is inherited from my father’s Scottish side!

My daughter is a business woman, a district manager and personal assistant to the owner of a company she works for. She’s a very creative girl, who hasn’t quite tapped into her full artistic potential yet! She enjoys every genre of music attending many concerts, loves fashion and has a very unique style. My son-in-law is a self taught musician who writes and performs his own music, working at a music store to subsidize his dream! Bryan hears new composition in his head constantly! He too is very artistic, can draw and paint, but doesn’t. He also reveres fashion and large array of music! They are both very generous, charitable people. Helping others and thinking of others when ever possible. They treat me exceptionally well. I am proud to say they live under my roof and are contributing adults in a very respectful way!

Thank you for your questions they were quite delightful helping me to assess my past and my future!


Lucy said...

what beautiful answers to great questions Giggles!
It is so funny...
I was just talking about how our kids always had to interview their grandparents as a school assignment, i no sooner say it then check your blog and YOU are interviewed! haha
Okay, even tho i am apprehensive on how time consuming this game may become... i am going to bite and say
Interview me please!!

CattyCat said...

I just read every bit of your interview. That was fun. I'm always interested by your life. So 180 from mine, yet many similar interests and thoughts.

Mostly though I love the pic of you and the story of your mom hiding the pants. What a woOt!

linda may said...

I enjoyed that Giggles. I will go and see what Lucy answered now. Bye.

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