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Monday, February 09, 2009

All in Ten Minutes

New Dress for Pepper that I found at Winners

New Nicole Lee Purse Pepper found at Winners

When Pepper was a teen I could scope a store, out of hundreds of items pick the only two things she would wear. As time passes she becomes harder to read. In fact it’s been suggested several times that others find her quite unreadable. However Saturday we entered a store ten minutes before closing, took off in opposite directions. As I rushed to the washroom I grabbed a random size small dress, without stopping I threw it in the buggy. A few minutes later, while checking out the shoes my phone rang, she was frantically looking for me. When we met up she was toting this amazing large Nicole Lee pink purse enhanced with pink rosettes, filled with glee over the instant love connection. I held up the very reasonable dress I found, she loved it too! She wiggled out of her coat trying it on over her top right in the isle. Perfect…..a match made in heaven.

It really was a very productive day. Especially because I have an aversion to shopping when things are fiscally challenging! For Nicole Lee online check here!

For Valentines Day she bought me an apple green adorable fairy doll and marked down scented candle; I bought her a fancy heart shaped cake pan she’d been wanting for quite sometime. All in ten minutes! I'll share those tomorrow!


Mary Timme said...

I love it, don't you? Can't wait to see the dress!

Tammy said...

You two have an amazing connection. I thought the fairy looked like her before I read your words. That meme was a good example of your good heart. HUGS

Lucy said...

great minds! love the purse and dress
perfect match! xox

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