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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sunday Scribblings Aging "Awakening with purpose and Joy"

"Awakening with Purpose and Joy"
Acrylic done on canvas

I missed Sunday Scribblings on Aging, so here's a short poem for that prompt!

My Age

I deflect age

By awakening

With joy

And purpose

Some days


None the less



Of vanity


In humility




And gratitude


My bliss


Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Sherri,
I love that with age comes wisdom, the wisdom to know what to do and the wisdom to sometimes not do it..lol
It's being 50 and only half way through life fun?
peace, bliss and happy days, Kai

dream goddess said...

Beautiful! You are truly growing as an artist!

A Girl Named Me said...

I love this....deflecting age with joy!


Mary Timme said...

Ah! Do you have any idea how good it is to be back and able to read you again? I don't think life is supposed to be this busy when you get older, but maybe it is because I'm trying to do the same amount as when I was younger and keep adding on.

It is just so nice to stop by and read a neat poem.

Lucy said...

My joyful blissful friend! Your poem says it perfectly! Because of your wise advice in finding .. 'the secret' .. I wake with gratitude everyday and am feeling more fulfilled!
thankyou from the bottom of my heart! xox

gemma said...

gemma was here:
gratitude is the ticket!

nonizamboni said...

Perfect poem for this prompt. I really liked the action images: swathed, deflect, awaken.
Happy weekend!

forgetfulone said...

Such a beautiful poem! And I love the image you chose to go with this post.

Marge said...

Hi Giggles,
Love your name and your poem on aging. May I copy it and publish it on my blog? giving you full credit of course.
I popped over from Ronnie's after reading that you were the winner of her March give-away. Congratulations! and may her gift bring you much happiness!

Tammy said...

Yes,yes,yes!!!!!!!! This art piece is so YOU. HUG

Alberta and Ava said...

I am so excited to see one of your original paintings! She is to die for. And the poem's not too shabby either :) You go girl!

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