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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Nova Scotia and a Vistor

I decided to repost this because I think it got lost in the mix when I posted two together...sorry if you've seen it....having company so things are a bit of a kerfuffle right now! More tomorrow!
Here are a few photo's from my daughters trip to Nova Scotia in February. Her hubby bought tickets to Halifax as a combined birthday, first anniversary gift. She stayed with her fathers family it was a gathering of the clan, which hadn't occurred with the whole family in thirty five years.....one of her uncles reminded her of Peter from Family Guy....you can imagine the rest! Funny, he hates family guy too!

I think the photos are so beautiful, albeit pretty darn chilly looking!

This photo reminds me of the movie Kevin Spacey played in called the " Shipping News"

There's quite an eery desolate feeling to this photo!

Here they are putting their hands in the Atlantic Ocean! That's quite the ordeal when you're from the West!
It was for them anyway!
Ship close up!
That's how high the snow piled up, Bryan is six foot three inches....
behind that wall of snow is the ocean!
I think they still have snow back there off and on!
As much as I love winter snow, I'm so ready for the REAL spring to start! It's been beautiful but blustery the last few days, still donning winter attire here in B.C. though!
Our little friend is back, oh gosh we are falling deeply in love with this adorable creature. She get's so excited every time she see's us, whether we just go out for a moment, or wake up in the morning. She's such a sweet soul.
This time it's a ten day stint. She loves her car ride.
Patiently awaiting Pepper's return to the car.
She whines or barks for a short while, each time Pepper leaves the house.
Saturday she whimpered for forty minutes....it's getting less each trip.
I've only left her completely alone once for a very short time!

At five months old, I guess it's to be expected.


Sandee said...

Wow, cold is right. Chilly I wouldn't even use that term. I put a jacket on just to look at the photographs.

I love the old sailing ship. I'd love to tour that. Well, you know how I love everything about boats.

Have a terrific day honey. :)

Lucy said...

how did u slip this post by me??
Those pics are just awesome!
and your little friend.. how cute! Does she behave better in a sweater??
haha I am not sure If i ever told u how my friend Debbie always teases me when she hears my dogs barking over the phone. I swear that when they have their sweaters on they are quieter and more behaved.. so when she hears them bark she yells.. Put their sweaters on! hahaha

Queen-Size funny bone said...

It looks weird to see a ship in the water with snow in the background. Looks like they enjoyed the trip. The pup looks pretty in pink.

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