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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Scribblings " Follow"

Finished acrylic
Taken Saturday in a commode at a restaurant on the beach!
Sunday Scribblings this week is " Follow"

First thing I thought of was Uncle Krackers song Follow me I love that tune!

Not Much a Follower

Written by Happytiler

Never been a follower

Never quite knew why

Looked for the oddities

Detesting to comply

Attracted to things original

The ones of a kind

Interested in the opposites

To stimulate my mind

Trends set in, then disappear

I tend to shy away

Adjusting quirky tastes

My flavor to convey

Never chose to be like others

Didn’t want to be the same

Fostering a unique spawn

With a distinctive name

I’m looking for a car right now

None seem to fit my style

I’m waiting to be romanced

By four wheels that beguile!

Enthralled by vibrant color

Yet black is what I wear

Accessories may be vivacious

my decor may be rare

Not much do I follow

I deviate along the road

Toodling at my own pace

Fascinated by personal goad

Maybe it’s ego driven

Needing to be odd

I have absolutely no idea

Why off beaten path I trod

For a time I’ll follow politics

I may follow just one soap

May follow a little of this and that

Drawn to issues full of hope

I can’t follow any violence

Cruelty or abuse

I can’t follow addiction

Or things that don’t amuse

Make me laugh, make me smile

Give my heart a tug

I will follow if I’m entranced

If I’m bored I"ll pull the plug!


Tumblewords: said...

I love your new girl! And the commode shot! And the poem...I can sure relate to your words.

Donna Childree Gotlib said...

I'm checking in on you. I hope this finds you well. I love your new banner.

floreta said...

this is very cute :)

CattyCat said...

Follow is gorgeous. I love it. You finally found my blog again, but I'm not on your list yet. Boo hoo! =[

Queen-Size funny bone said...

she is very cute but I have not seen any full-figured gals.lol

JP/deb said...

Awesome poem! When I traded in my mini-van many years ago I knew I wanted either an old Mercedes or Volvo (preferably diesel) ... I got the Mercedes and she has treated me VERY well for almost 9 years!

No matter what - stay authenic! xx, JP/deb

Lucy said...

You are unique and I love u that way!
Your poem is super! love 'toodling " and that last line so much!
YOur art is as usual enchanting and happy!

(what an amazingly YOU restroom!!)
how fun!

Mary Timme said...

Well, gee, Giggles, why not just say it like it is :)

Redness said...

Oh Halleluljah ... well said ... I'm with you !!

Dee said...

Your blog and our poem remind me of the Starburst candy commercial - "Taste the Rainbow"! You put it in your mouth and then bite down for this burst of colorful flavor - WONDERFUL :)

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