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Friday, April 24, 2009

Reusable Bags

Boy Pepper and I were excited to get this free bag at Army & Navy during Earth Day wednesday. It's roomy and beautiful. I could see the women carrying it with pride.

I understand that reusable totes are in the infancy stage, but my gosh why are companies so far behind the eight ball when it comes to style? Seems a smart marketing ploy would be to make desirable bags that people actually want to carry. Like this one!!! Oh yes the plain ones are functional, but lets face it, it's more desirable to bring along a fancy one!
This bag is boring....I am kind of getting sick to death of the word GREEN. Sad too because it's actually one of my favorite colors.
I am blue that we're wearing out the word Green even though I love the concept.
Being old school, there are areas of wastefulness where being green is all I know!

Lulu lemon has always been innovative and ethical in their practices, so when they came out with this bag, way before it was mainstream to be green I was very proud to carry it. The message reflects the company, which originated in Vancouver but has become national. They make the thinking mans bag! Red isn't always a fashion match, but it's fun to carry anyway!
Shoppers drug mart is one of my favorite stores, because they have the point system. Earth day we got a free reusable bag and points for buying a fifty dollar gift certificate. Then I spent the gift certificate, and received points again, doubling my points for one transaction, plus if you spent over fifty dollars which I did, I got 20 dollar coupon to buy anything in the store.... So the twenty dollar sunglasses I bought Pepper were free. Thank you for abundance!!! That was so exciting and why I am so loyal to Shoppers Drug Mart!!! They do care about their customer! Although this is a great message, It's not my favorite bag,...it need more pizazz! It will be used but not my first choice to carry!

To coin a buzz word, it's a win win if we pick your bag to carry around! You get free advertising. A desirable bag is incentive to put cash out to carry it! Why not modify them regularily! New art work with a company logo, have design contests. Let customers figure into the designs. Let the bags take on a life of their own, leading the way in advertising.

I hate to say it but I think some companies are run by an old boys club mentality, afraid of change. Feeling pressured to embrace the environmentally friendly bag rather than seeing it as new opportunity!

Personally I love my own bags, but will carry the new one too! Being a fairly non routine person, there are things I must do in routine. Took me a while to get the hang of the reusable bag. Doesn't help with a lag in memory. So I had to rethink the situation. Now I must return the bags under the seat of my car immediately upon unloading them. Makes for more convenience on the spur of the moment!

All those years I shopped at Costco without big canvas bags. What was I thinking.....it's so much easier to pack the car with a bag, rather than handle each individual item. Life really is simpler with reusable bags.....ho hum...why didn't we advocate this years ago???


Sandee said...

And they are pretty too. I do the bag routine too. It is indeed far easier to haul things around.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'm just glad they have come up with some of the bigger reusable bags. the little ones take too many.

Lucy said...

love your bags babycakes!
i see a great idea inside this post.. for a giggles custom bag business!!
i keep (evil) plastic baskets in my car for my costco things.. you know the type that the grocery store has if you're shopping for a few items? They work well but aren't as friendly.

Linda Jacobs said...

I've got my green bags in my vehicle but, most of the time, I forget to take them in with me! Duh!

Interesting post! And your brother's eyes are gorgeous!

gemma said...

Barnes and Noble has a cool looking tote that holds up to 50lbs. I bought one for $1.50....
Guess you pay for the design.
I love yours too!

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