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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunday Scribblings " Language"

Blossoms in Bloom around here!

Sunday Scribblings prompt is "Language"
Body and love language came to mind with this week Sunday Scribblings prompt. Instead I deviate to address other thoughts.Why do I cry like a baby every time I hear that woman sing or speak? I’m embarrassed of myself. It’s Boyle Mania! I’ve jumped on board this crazy Cinderella story band wagon. The lovely Scottish woman Susan Boyle, bullied and teased most of her life has captivated me. I just can’t get enough of her voice, and story!

It's a language I crave! One of hope, love, acceptance, joy, where dreams are recognized and realized. Where an individual can chisel into the depths of my soul with their creative brilliance, requisitioning emotions long buried and rarely felt! Read Dr. Robert Canfields take on this phenomena!

My whole life I have verbally fought for the underdog. When I see an overly tattooed body on a seemly confident woman, or too many facial piercing, I wonder their story. Rituals, tribal in nature have become main stream amongst youth. I’ve even heard false negative assumptions in my own circles. Still I wonder, could youth be rebelling the status quo of perfection shoved in their faces? Or have they succumbed to filling up with material items and body markings to compensate for unattainable security and dreams they feel is beyond reach? Do young people feel displaced trying to live up to media endorsed frivolous ideals of excellence, that previous generations have fallen prey to?

Life as we know it is changing. A new life language is about to embark! Bloggers and Twitterers are revolutionizing media.With an almost defunct monetary system the material world may be needing an overhaul too! With the world at a seeming low point, in pops this frizzy haired spinster. Never romantically kissed, labeled as frumpy, sharing an angelic voice and quirky style, beguiling a society filled with pretentious superficial preconceived notions. Like a smack in the face we are jolted into a stripped down version of nature’s purist form of splendor! Possibly what we've all secretly been hankering for!

Our appearance shouldn't matter the way it does. We ALL have gifts, individually unique and profound to contribute. Maybe we don't fit the mold of a perfect image, or speak the language in accordance to the mainstream. Still we can effectively make a difference. We all matter as a part of a collective. Each of us needs to speak the language of our soul! Thank you Susan Boyle for reminding us to believe in our dreams, and push forward, despite inner demons, and rigid societal judgments!

Spring blossoms of hope in my area!

Written by Happytiler

Language of your Soul

Forge on, to the sound of your soul

Lift up your heart to glow in the light

Listen carefully to what brings you joy

Wade in the beauty of that skill

Make time for your gift

Embrace it with passion

Worry not about disdain

It’s yours alone to cherish

Believe it is gold

Perch your chalice

In a place of honor

Revere it, despite judgments

Own it with pride

Name it,

Keep it secure from envy

Ignore nay Sayers

Forge past internal demons

Stomping their power

With credence of success

Celebrate your individuality

Share in a place of acceptance

Adorn yourself with encouragement

Attract and seize opportunity

Labor in the language of your Soul!


keith said...

Greetings fronDubai.Susan Boyle. I must investigate further. Once again your lovely post got me thinking

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Susan Boyle was a wake up call for many and a breath of fresh air for others. Love the tree it looks so fluffy you want to reach out and touch it.

floreta said...

a lot to think about here. excellent post! i can't agree more.

Lucy said...

OH Sherrie!!! I SO agree with you! What kind of horrible society do we live in.. that a woman steps on a stage and is instantly judged and BOOEd for not looking like everyone else!! It was shameful it really was! Her voice is incredible! I get chills too! I am glad u enclosed that link.. i would like to read more about her.
Our cherry blossoms are also in bloom here in Ny.. they are just beautiful! we planted a tiny one in our back yard last year.. I love it!
I also LOVE your new header and adorable promise man and this beautifully wise poem! xox

Tumblewords: said...

Isn't she just fantastic? I, too, get a tear or two listening to her and my heart swells with hope for humanity. Again. That's twice since Nov 08. :) Great post!

forgetfulone said...

Wiser words were never spoken. I truly enjoyed this post.

Linda said...

Isn't her voice amazing. I know what you mean about crying when you hear her. I do the same.

I wanted to let you know I have an award for you on my blog.

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