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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shredded life

A shredded life

I’ve been in the mire

Of my past strife

Sorting out documents

From my old life

Shredding years of papers

No longer in need

A hellish chore

An arduous deed

Emotions jerked

Tousled around

Remnants of ugliness

Strewn to the ground

I had bouts of elation

Sorrowful too

In the wave of remembrance

Of the life I outgrew

Haunted by boxes

No longer of use

Wrapped in old love

And spousal abuse

First car, first house

Appliances too

Invoices for everything

We ever bought new

Taxes, certificates

Receipts for jewels

Mortgages, check stubs

Insurance renewals

Letters and cards

Filtered through the mash

A History of feelings

Grueling to rehash

What have I learned?

In this process so grand

The storing of papers

Ought to be banned

Ignoring the bulk

Of the task as you go

Weighs down your life

With burdens in tow

I have many regrets

And Gratitude galore

For all I once had

Now I have more!

Eight bags shredded!!


Sandee said...

We've been shredding old bank stuff and other things we no longer need. I remember computers were going to help us go paperless, but it didn't at all.

Have at terrific day. :)

Lucy said...

haha Your poem is SO adorably funny!
Love your humor giggs!
that is way too much burden in those bags!
glad you are purging your past! make room for MORE happy choices for the goddess of many talents! xoxo I have to go read this again!!

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, what a job - one that's hanging over my head like the dreaded guillotine. Oh, man. Good for you! Gooooood for you!!!

Alberta and Ava said...

How cathartic getting rid of old junk is. I love your poem!

JP/deb said...

Excellent poem & idea - I need to shred too!! Just imagine all that square footage you just added :)

Peace & love,

Judi said...

By far, the BEST poem ever! It's almost like you wrote it from my point of view. I feel like I have multiple personalities when I try to SORT the STUFF. GOOD JOB, I'm inspired to do the same.

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