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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sunday scribblings Worries

Sunday Scribbling prompt "Worry"


Worries nestle amongst

Insecurity and fear

Adopting each other

Generating thoughts unclear

Amalgamated with guilt

Manipulating calm

Kidnapping peace

Placing doubt in my palm

Intuition is swayed

Lost in the fray

Wasting time, energy

While emotions stray

Out of control

They manifest

Creating hope

Evades the unrest

So I Anchor thoughts

In faith and trust

That life will develop

As it must


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Ever so true...

AD said...

:) life will!

God Willing!
and with our efforts!
may our worries die!

Happy SS


paisley said...

i just love the graphic...

Janet said...

The picture is fantastic! Love her hair with all the worries written on it. And as always you did a great poem.

Lucy said...

love your drawing so much!! all those crazy thoughts in her hair are exactly mine!!! and her 'flowery' thoughts are ones I work on daily!! does is say Rutts in her earring?? both poem and art.. So so creative AND wise! xoxo
( i am actually hesitating writing a SS this week, because if I am truthful about HOW much I worry Sherrie... Those men in the white coats may finally arrive at my front door!!)

Lucy said...

TRUST!!!! NOt Rutts! shows you where my head is lately... In a deep rutt!
TRust... so much more of what YOU would put on an earring xoxo

keith said...

Just brilliant! And your pic, perfect!

Mary Timme said...

Ask for the Holy Spirit to give discernment. I know, it is tricky to remember!

I thought you had a wonderful way of saying it and I hear a BD is coming soon into your life!

Linda Jacobs said...

I so wish I could draw like you! they are so expressive! And your poem hold so much truth!

Dreamer said...

Gorgeous picture! Such a dichotomy of beauty and fear! As you get to know many women, and men, they are just this, beautiful and filled with so many worries. Thank God for humour, to temper our lives. Great poem too!

floreta said...

to quote the beatles:
obladi, oblada life goes on, BRA!

Lynda said...

Your work is beautiful!

Dee Martin said...

My favorite lines "Kidnapping peace
Placing doubt in my palm" - all the worries we need to rinse out of our hair - we should all stick a flower in and out on our best earrings and get out of our rutts :)

linda may said...

Very good. Especially the last verse for comfort from worry.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing! Love your new blog layout! Your banner is fabulous!

Also, Thanks for coming to visit! I really appreciate your sweet comment! Have a wonderful week!

Lisa :)

violette said...

What a gorgeous illustration of the girl with the words in her hair? Gosh.....loving your art girl! And your poem....well your poems always blow me away!

Love, Violette

Tammie Lee said...

well said and oh so true! wonderful art to go with this!

rosey pinkerton said...

You are SO clever. The words and colours.... great.

Patois said...

Quite lovely. Wish I had such an anchor at my disposal sometimes.

artbrat said...

Great poetry and art. Your blog is always a pleasure to visit.

I just read Violettes post with your picture and had to chuckle because it reminded me of you blog header. Right down to the necklace. Hope you have a tremendous birthday!

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