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Friday, May 01, 2009

The Stupid HD Box

Does anyone know who this artist is? I took a photo of this print
adhered to a bathroom door of a restaurant! I tried to read the signature
to no avail!

In the mail a High definition cable box arrived for an extra cost of three dollars a month. Sound good? Yeah that’s what I thought. Instead I’m naming it an evil temptation money box or the Shaw piggy bank. Extra channels my arse! Sure a few music stations, my regular stations doubled up. Seriously nothing I would want or need for the hassle of this slow little box that interferes with the routine of my normal stations!

The buzz words " UP SELLING" are really starting to annoy me! Why is it companies always start out so obliging, then when they corner the market the service soon begins to fall short? They really think consumers are stupid. Where have all the ethics gone I wonder!

We should start a movement making companies accountable….oh yeah we have!!! It’s called a recession, soon to be depression!


Lucy said...

oh good.. your blog is working again!
I don't know the artist but the person on the left looks an awful lot like my mother!!
sorry about the cable nonsense! Do you have dvr capeable boxes in Canada? THIS is THE best invention and I can't believe I ever watched tv. without it.
(it's like tivo)
good luck! xoxo
happy weekend too

Lucy said...


I googled erika oner because that is what I saw written on the print and the above site came up linking us to mugs by the designer! so there u go toots!

Anonymous said...


Patois said...

Where have all the ethics gone? I have to wonder what ethics you think might have ever been in place, generally speaking, when it comes to business?

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