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Friday, June 26, 2009

Glitterati Art pages and a meme

I’ve amalgamated the art pages I made at Glitterati, with a finish the sentence Meme

just to make things a little more fun!

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss.....was kinda yucky! Creepy old dude!
2. I am listening to........
to my inner voice yelling eww gross why did you let him kiss you!!! Ewwwwww……
then the melodic David For
d saves the day!
All the pages we made were combined
then folded to make a booklet, I added a ruffle
3. I talk.........Too darn much baby! That's why I need days of solitude, to give my people a reprieve!

4. I love........many things …I’m not gonna lie…Lot's of things…my interests are so eclectic and diverse, that's why I am so easily distracted!

This page was about four layers plus gesso
5. My best friend.......knows best...honestly....
6. My first real kiss......
was in a shed, with my step cousin! (Not a blood relative people!)
I was maybe ten!

7. Love is.......complicated, interesting, and sometimes stinky!!
The next four pages are paper towel dipped in
thinned acrylic, split in two, then podged onto card stock.

8. Marriage is...
DONE for me!!!
Do I sound adamant enough?
Hope so!!!

Just like marriage these pages have many layers

9. Somewhere, someone is thinking.....Who let the dogs out….ruff ruff ruff ruff!!!
10. I'll always.....change my underwear LOTS!!!!
Too much info eh?

11. The last time I really cried was because...... I watched the movie “Poor Boys game with Danny Glover”…. It touched me!
This paisley print is my design, I'm very excited about how
nicely it printed out! I think it would make excellent scrap booking paper!
I used it in my booklet.

This page has a paper doily, tissue, paint, and gesso all modged on pink card stock,layer after layer. See the rip of pink peeking through the centre. Violette liked that rip. I have to release my need for perfection, there is no use for it in certain art processes!

12. My cell phone.....
is my mini insurance policy…for quick calls only! I only pay ten bucks a month, and tax! Not many can beat those numbers…
I seriously can't understand why people have three hundred dollar cell phone bills!! Insane!
This page is a combination of a dictionary, gesso , paint and tissue paper
13. When I wake up in the morning...... My body tells me instantly how well I can function for the day. I also play scrabble if I can get a game! Sometimes even before coffee!

Align CenterThis is Peppers favorite page of mine!
14. Before I go to bed......I watch television. It’s my lover…..Either George Strombo, or Larry King...both stimulate my mind....gotta luv em!! However there are many many nights I pass out exhausted with the television blaring and way before either of these men come on!

This is my favorite page because I've added a few strips of my blue paisley design along with acrylic paint, I love the color combination too!
15. Right now I am thinking about....
what colors I to make the living room. It's a huge internal fight I tell you! I love all colors.... but I am very individual so you can be assured it won't be anything usual or will it!!!.... Oh and I have two other adults I confer with....so who knows where this will end up!! Either way the fuchsia will be sadly gone!

16. Babies are.....so vulnerable, poopy, and sweet, therefore need to be raised by good people!! No body likes messy diapers.....
17. I get on Myspace....... to skulk good bands, but right all I am thinkin about is my own space, and how to update it on a budget!

18. Today I........ was collecting inspiration from designs I found on google image

19. Tomorrow I will be...trying to clean the house, now that it took me all week to recover from glitterati.

20. I really want to be many things....you guess!!!


Mary Timme said...

Cute with the comments, also witty in some spots and clever, and I loved looking at your papers that you've made. Good work.

paisley said...

and i am blessed to have your very own design of paisley adorning my blogs!!!

Pam Aries said...

bonjour! You are cracking me up ! I love all your papers..especially the paisley!

Pam Aries said...

...and your banner rocks!!!!

Janet said...

I'm drooling over your pages! They're gorgeous! And that paisley....I'm a huge paisley fan.

As always your writing makes me either laugh or cry....but you always bring up emotions for me.

Cheryl said...

I really enjoyed reading this post! Creepy old dude, he, he, eww, is right. But funny too.

I love the vibrant colors, the feeling of fluidity and the overall happy feeling in your designs!

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