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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Greenfield Farms

Since 1972 these two Chan brothers have run this really nice roadside produce slash nursery that I love. For years I've driven out of my way to stop in for their great selection of annuals and produce.
With little regard to this thirty seven year old family business a road divider has been erected, making entry to the farm so difficult. Most of the parallel roads similar to this one have turn offs along the way, I'm hoping this huge barrier is temporary. Some how I doubt that it is, which must be pretty distressing for these two brothers.
A the end of June the store was filled to the brim with annuals, a tell tale sign that the nursery has be affected. I truly felt like crying when I saw all the beautiful hanging baskets obviously tended with so much love and skill.
Ethics seem to have fallen to an all time low when you build a road with no conscience about the little guy! There were gray haired die hards ambling around the store. Probably the loyal ones, with extra time to drive the country miles out of their way to avert the barrier and still enjoy farm fresh!
Not long ago the brothers expanded the produce store to accommodate the growing clientele. There was a time in the eighties it was difficult to get really nice red potatoes, which I love. When I inquired why theirs were so much nicer, Will explained that his brother went right on the truck to pick the best ones. So much pride goes into running that little store.
I explained how upset I was about their business, they obliged my blog photos, taking just a few seconds to pose, then continued working diligently.
My heart is truly sad for this ethical little business. I think we all pay when these kinds of businesses get swallowed up. You hear more and more about eating in your own zone, buy local it's the green thing to do. It's healthier and more economical, but then they make it so difficult for the little guy!
I've heard it said that small business owners are the fiber of our economy!!! If this is so, then we should all take care of them!!! Where in your community can you shop to keep the small business owner out of the red?


Sandee said...

What a sad story indeed. I hope this corrects itself soon. Isn't there anyone to complain to? County government or someone. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

gemma said...

We still have several farmers who have roadside businesses like this. My favorite places to shop for produce. Hopefully the Chan's will survive. The summer corn is ready here it's sweet and delicious.

Cheryl said...

Is the divider there to prevent head on's? Maybe just part of the divider can be removed for easier access.

Adagio Beadcrafters said...

Seems there are more sad tales like this one every day and it's just so wrong.
We have a couple of terrific little produce places near me and the farm-fresh items are absolutely delicious.
Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

That's a sad story. I'm sure it's really hard when you have a business and it doesn't work. :( My heart goes out the them.

Janet said...

How sad. I hope they are able to continue with their business. It's places like this where I like to shop.

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