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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Visions of Glitter still in my Head Sunday Scribblings

Glitter in the coffee

Glitter in my hair

Glitter on my face

Glitter everywhere

We danced in a rain of glitter! Not really but we could have. I wore so much of it home.I may finally be hooked on glitter. Once the anal mom who supervised all glitter projects, to now drinking coffee sprinkled in glitter.

I shall embrace the beauty of Glitter!
So for Sunday Scribblings I leave with you visions
of the last two days filled with creative jo

Generous beyond words, our dear Violette hosted an amazing two day Glitterati at the Magic cottage. Sharing an accumulated decade of knowledge, plus personal art supplies, of which we over indulged! Thank you for the gift of your love, kindness, inspiration, and knowledge. Wishing you much returned abundance!
Creative sisterhood of Glitter Girls Gather
My child and I in the mixSurrounded by a vision of whimsical awe,

Natures brush splatters color
in strategically placed pots

Mama with offspring hunts for cherries!After a commotion of crows cawing,
they adhere to the sign pointing out,

Nicci the artist kindly shares her well honed skills
neatly soldering our creative charms
(Thank you so much Nicci for providing all the necklace supplies)
Decadent desserts woo our palate!
(Thanks Nicci for these creative delights too!)

Each scrumptious bite garnered shrills of goose bumps
chasing each other up my arm

(Thanks Cheryl for providing this pretty treat)

Savoring the sunset shadows

Evening descends,
we disperse to regenerate
( photo taken by a six year old adult)

Coffee in hand
a new day of glittering begins

Painted papers dry in the morning breeze

Pride prevails in each stroke exuded
Grateful beyond words, we love our bohemian glitter Queen
She presented a life altering couple of days at the Magic Cottage!

I had been staving off a weekend headache with Tylenol
and had to bow out of the group dinner.
Sorry I missed it, hope you had more fun glitter sisters!


quin browne said...

although i admire your work, the photos, the lovely treats.. glitter still makes me twitch.

i'm glad someone takes joy in it's sparkly wonder.

Janet said...

What a truly wonderful weekend you all had!! Glitter and goodies! Who could ask for more??

Janet said...

What a truly wonderful weekend you all had! Glitter and goodies! What more could you want??

forgetfulone said...

Beautiful photos! That yard is just gorgeous. Looks like a fun time!

Dee Martin said...

sparkles and chocolate - life is good :)

Carry On Tuesday #5 and SS #168

Queen-Size funny bone said...

You and Pepper are always shining glitter or not...

gemma said...

Wow!! Looks like a fantastic get together. Everyone looks great. Good photos of you and Pepper.Just love Nicci's hair. As always
Violette rocks it!!!! Love you all!

Amber said...

Wow Wow wow!! Look at all the happy color!What a happy house to live in, with all the color. That is cool. I bet it was a blast! and what a neat thing to do with your girlie. Ahh, things to look forward to. :)


Cheryl said...

What a fun looking party! And I love that Magic cottage!

Alberta and Ava said...

What a wonderful group of women! And in that same spirit, I have a badge of sisterhoood for you on my blog.


violette said...

Thank you Sherrie for you kindness and generosity.......it's always a pleasure having you and pepper over! What great pics you took too! did i take that one of you and Pepper? I LOVE IT! thanks for posting this - i didn't have as much time to take too many photos....although i was obsessed with the hanging painted papers pics! Fun!

You had glitter all over you!

Like you i am still recovering from the glittery merriment!

Love, violette

Lucy said...

WHAT fun!! LOVE all the great photos! Especially that 2nd of you and the pep!the lighting and the love!
Wish You had a pic of you covered in glitt giggs! :))

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