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Friday, June 19, 2009

What goes around comes around!

Celebrating St Patrick's day in Vegas, black dress with green accessories!

Vegas in March another Black dress and pink accessories!

The other day I took my daughter to H&M a trendy store for young people. Certainly not conducive to large sized moms peering on! ”Only one to a room.” the sales clerk warned. I stood outside the door across from another mom. After considerable time and heat swollen feet Pepper asked if I wanted a seat as she dragged a bench big enough for two out of the room! I promptly sat down, offered the other mom a seat. She declined as she waited outside the door to support her daughter’s choices.

In the meantime another young woman came out of a fitting room appearing very dejected in her mini skirt, awaiting her blackberry enthralled boyfriends approval. She was so slumped over and insecure…it was sad. The other mom looked over at me with a knowing wise smile as the young man barely looked up. Although I had sunglasses on, we were speaking with universal mother’s body language. Grateful we both have confident daughters secure enough to have their attentive mothers in attendance!

Pepper bought another black dress, (like mom she has many), and a fuchsia one that I picked out, plus a really cute mid length black A-line coat. I was surprised to see how many styles and prints mirrored the sixties and seventies….


Sandee said...

We always need to teach our children to hold their heads high and be proud of who they are. Boys and girls alike.

I love those little black dresses. You just can't go wrong and the accessories are endless.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

If its good it sticks around a long time just like the music of the past. I love black because you can do anything with it. she looks great as usual.

forgetfulone said...

I was in Vegas on St. Pat's Day, but I didn't have those darling green shoes!

Amber said...

Pepper is lucky to have a mom who made her into a confident woman.


Lucy said...

pepper.. will u take me shopping with you??
Pleasssee? LOVE your sassy style!

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