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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Awards and meme

Last week my dear Artist friend Donna Gotlib sent me this special award of appreciation. She recently lost her mother Elizabeth after a long struggle with Alzheimer s disease. Donna was the most loving and protective caregiver to her sweet mother. She often refers to my relationship with Pepper as parallel to her relationship with Elizabeth! Check out her delicious illustrations on her blog. Her art is up for a very short stint so catch it while you can!
The sweet Mary from Beadfluff gave me this Tulip Award.Not quite sure the meaning but it came with a meme of questions. For you Mary..... here are the answers!
1. YOUR NICKNAME - Giggles which I have had since I was eleven years old. A ministers son first called me that at a church camp. I lost it along the way, but it's appropriate because I giggle daily. When I started blogging it's the first that came to mind!

2. YOU ARE -
Deep thinker with a busy mind, clever, whimsical, passionate, with a thirst for knowledge. Oh no I'm not going to air all my bad habits, dirty linen so to speak, here!!!

very obvious through this blog, my daughter and son-law who I think of as one!
Imagine by John Lennon

5. YOUR FAVORITE FOOD/DISH - perogies, and chili Pepper house Chinese food, I had both this week, which is rare!!! Lucky me!!!

Money, money, money and making big purchases, again money, making life altering decisions, oh and last of all Friction!! Thankfully I pull myself out with loads of faith!
7. YOUR FAVOURITE COLOR - That is a loaded question, because it depends on the era, the item, and whether it's clothing or decor. I love all color but gravitate towards jewel tones....yet I have plans on updating my decor in citrus colors...I do love black...anything sleek and black!!
clip sunglasses,Ibphrophen, wallet with cash, lipstick, brush, notepad and pen in that order!!
9. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED - Last night when my son-in-law sang me his newly composed song....I made him play it twice and I cried again!! I don't cry easily either...only when something really touches me!! I hope one day I can put it on my blog!!
10.SIX RANDOM FRIENDS TO SEND THIS ON TO - I choose Luluspetals, Cookie, Forgetfulone, Queensize, Rosy, I put five cuz I'm a rebel!!


Pam Aries said...

Your art is so fun and colorful..it makes me happy to see it! I have to tell you that we've been eating Perogies for the past 3 days! I a m baby sitting and the kids LOVE them haha!

Sandee said...

Well, you are terrific. So there. Congratulations on your award and I really like your SIL.

Have a terrific day. :)

Patois said...

Congrats, you!

Mary Timme said...

Oh, I had to laugh at this one Giggles.

How similar we all are and how different! You gotta love that!

Lucy said...

just love reading all your favs. and proud that I knew the answer to many!
Thanks so so much for passing these awards to me! My purse is similar giggles.. only I have to carry the imodium as well!! haha

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