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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy 142nd Birthday Canada

Happy Birthday Canada
I am so proud to live in a peace loving nation, that embraces diversity.
Today I celebrate with verve my fortune to be born in such an incredible country!
Majority of the photos are owned and taken by my daughter.
Canada as we have experienced it!

White Rock Beach Spring 2009
White Rock Beach British Columbia 2007
White Rock Beach Sunset 2007

Vancouvers West side Summer 2008
Vancouver Granville Island

City of Vancouver 2008

City Vancouver British Columbia

Victoria B.C. 2007

Victoria Beacon Hill Park 2007
Victoria B.C. Parliament buildings
Victoria B.C. Horse and Carriage
Victoria B.C. Empress Hotel
More Victoria B.C.
Sun Flower Surrey B.C. 2007

Vancouver B.C. 2008Surrey B.C. fall 2007

Sunny Winter day in Surrey B.C. 2009
Winter 2008 Fraser Highway Surrey B.C.
Brand New Golden Ears Bridge British Columbia
winter before it was finished 2009

Fraser Highway Surrey B.C. June 2009

Halifax Nova Scotia February 2009

Regina Saskatchewan Prairie Province 2007 Regina Saskatchewan
Regina sunset

Spring Toronto Ontario East Coast 2008

Spring Toronto

Toronto East Coast of Canada 2008

Spring Toronto 2008

Pemberton British Columbia Summer 2008


Sandee said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Canada,
Happy Birthday to you. :)

Janet said...

Gorgeous pictures!! You do live in a beautiful part of the world.

Mary Timme said...

I love Canada too! It is a great place to live! We've lived in Montreal and Sarnia and Calgary! All good places.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

thanks for showing me around. someday I'd like to spend sometime there myself roaming around.

Lucy said...

Happy Canada Day Sherr!!
your country is absolutely beautiful!!!
When is the next plane?? I am so moving to live near u!! xoxox

forgetfulone said...

Gorgeous photos! I've never had the pleasure of visiting Canada, but I'd really love to! Happy Canada Day!

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