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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sunday Scribblings " What's New?"

Sunday Scribblings prompt " What's New?"

Mystic Topaz, Ring, necklace and earrings

What's New?

Fires rage up country

Like the mentally ill

With no way to comply

To their insanity will

Complex conversation

Bitter dregs never pass

Children needlessly hurt

Parents carelessly crass

Friends fighting cancer

Acquaintances too

Birthdays to plan

A life to pursue

I should test drive a car

Look for new floor

Immersed in my peace

Giving pause to seek more

As embers burn down

Scars emerge then disperse

Some may be resilient

or possibly worse

New celebrations awaken

Begging life to proceed

While I cherish new trinkets

It’s PEACE that I need

And that's nothing new!

No harm dreaming this is my new ride! But it's not one bit practical for carting large canvases, big thrift store finds to revamp, or extra luggage. Plus it's expensive to buy and repair,while a threat looms of having the top slashed. Instead I'll imagine myself snug to the road, hugged into black leather seats, kissed by the radio pumping out favorite tunes as vitamin D penetrates my soul, while I bury my ego, and try to do the practical thing! Stick to my budget, be green, find good gas mileage, Cloth seats (bleh), a 4wd, and deviate from my insistence of a black car...or I could keep my 17 year old soul mate, a black renegade companion, that I adore even though it taxes my knee every time I use the clutch!!

Oh what's a girl to do,

when she needs something NEW???


Old Grizz said...

practicality some times really sucks. It's no fun. However, sometimes that's all we can do. Buy the car with the money from the book you will sell.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I say keep the old car a trusted friend and get a chauffer.

Giggles said...

Yes Queenie nothing like a trusted friend! However not sure I would want to give up the independence of driving....hmmmm could a chauffeur be used for other things????

Grizz how did you know I was thinking of two books just this morning?

Whitesnake said...

Dream a little dream for me................

Lucy said...

nice poem giggs!
I am excited that you are considering writing a book!!! DO IT!!! I never got mine off the ground but I have more faith in you and your drive!! speaking of drive...I just leased another CRV.. I love this car... give her a test drive! plenty of room for canvas' AND boxes and boxes of your new book!!
(love the candles on Bryans?? b.dcake!)
finished my moves...your turn!! :))

floreta said...

i'm always in need of peace and balance. its hard to master!

Linda Jacobs said...

This was so much fun to read!

Patois said...

We'll be cashing in my oldest and dearest friend soon. I am very sad at that thought. But it needs too much work to keep it going. Let's hope my kids don't ever think that about me.

Janet said...

Great post! I owned a Fiat convertible back in the 80's and loved every minute of it....even though I paid for a lot of repairs along the way. There's nothing better than driving with the top down (I did it every day it didn't rain!) and my favorite Led Zep song blaring on a tape (now I'm really dating myself!!) Now I drive a sedan and play classical music! Oh, how the times do change!

Cheryl said...

And I thought I had a lot on my plate. You are a strong, amazing woman!

Bobbie said...

Great poetry, and the ending is so true!

Missy said...

I love reading your blog, it's so free spirited and lovely. You've quite a talent, not just with words, but in design as well.

You should try putting your words of poetry on your projects. Like acrylic purses with lines of your poetry. You've probably already done that though lol.

Have a great day today.

Daily Panic said...

very nice poem. I always hate loosing a car. I get attached too.

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