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Thursday, August 20, 2009

We are the Lucky ones!

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This is the birthday card I painstakingly whipped for my friend, as my car acts up again!! Actually I was quite thrilled with it after I figured out how to print it out....still not perfected, I think I'll make a set to send to a printer next, since they don't fit together properly! I needed to use a hole punch and ribbon to adhere the two sides! I forgot to photograph the finished product!
I painted this bag for my chocolate, coffee lovin friend. Surprised that she has been waiting for one! An owner of one of my lame, scant first angels I have tried to coax it away from her to doctor it up! My objective was to have this one match her red purse as a carry all!

Side two of the bag....let's just say Dream goddess is all about flowers!!
Pepper captured this moment,
It's not hard to see she was delighted when she saw
Even before she discovered the Britto coffee mug I secretly
bought when we were on a shopping trip together!

As you can see things were hopping along marvelously as our little leap frog gypsy goddess set up the candles for the evening. Dinner sun next to water, a treat when our homes are little
sweat boxes during the day!

This photo is Credited to Laura Doolan
Goddess in training laughed hysterically at my profuse motor boat spitting noises as I attempted to expel a fly on my lip.One precarious pest awaiting entry to my vocal cavern!!! Since child hood mother would say, "close your mouth Sherrie, your gonna catch a fly"....over fifty years later I almost did with all my friends present!! Not pretty a sight when a big lady flays around making horse sounds! Thankfully the men in white coats weren't in the vicinity!

Celebrating Dream goddesses birthday on the beach! Weather, food, drink (wink wink), company, all exceptional! Thanks to the combined effort of the goddesses!

We even had background music provided by this lovely stranger!
As the sun went down I brought the cake out. Rich with chocolate,
sprinkled with crumbled peanut butter cups and skor bar, served with
Special coffee .
Candles beautifully lit around our blanket! Gypsy goddess presented a silver goblet of jujubes, her silver cream pitcher was brilliantly altered into a mother of invention candle holder to stave off wind. We toasted our Dream goddess with a birthday song ! Then chatted and chuckled all evening!


Sandee said...

What a fun birthday party. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Sherri..
You ALL look fabulous!
happy birthday to your goddess.
peace, Kai

Missy said...

I have to say you're one remarkable artist, your talent awes me everytime I stop in for a visit.

What a lovely way to celebrate. Looks like y'all had a marvelous time.

Have a great weekend oh talented one!!

Could you do something like that with a couple of Chihuahuas? (A Bag in that same type of character?)

Email me and let me know if you do work for annoying bloggers who are interested in purchasing. :)


gemma said...

Happy Birthday to Dream Goddess! What a great bag you made for her.
Looks like fun!!!!

Alberta said...

You and the goddesses sure know how to have a good time. I am so envious of the birthday parties y'all have! The friendships you share with these women is remarkable, and so is your art. I LOVE that bag!

Lucy said...

can i say exactly what Alberta said??
AND I will add to that...
happy Birthday dream goddess!
( boy.. it's been TOO long since I visited my fav. blog.. but how fun to have all these great posts to catch up on!)

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