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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cook's still in the closet

My writing is getting rusty again. Just not enough blogging lately. I've been spending time on the net researching purchases. Offline doing some art projects and being a sou chef while my daughter cooks. Did I just say that? Yes my daughter prides herself on not cooking, telling people she can't and has no interest in it. But surprise surprise the girl is a fabulous cook. Who knew! Maybe twenty three is the magic number for her to find her true niche. She's an absolute natural! In fact I think she's a gifted cook.

Family doesn't read my blog so I can expose her here. Although she'll ask me questions I leave the ball in her hands because I believe a good cook has an intuitive nature about seasoning, and marrying flavors. Indeed this girl does, it's innate even though she's always fought it. We've traced her aversion to cooking back to the mix master incident, where beaters tangled with her tresses taking a quarter size chunk of hair off her seven year old head!

Bryan was a bit under the weather, being the healthiest in the house it caused concern! So after work Thursday Pepper made him a chicken soup with mega vegetables. I quickly chopped up a bag of peppers at her direction, while she continued all the other preparation seasoning it with ten cloves of garlic! Let me tell you, it's the best soup I've ever eaten. The consistency was thick packed with veggies, chicken, and full of flavor! Last week it was a big Chili, the week before curry! Makes me wonder if those things we fight most are the things we should sincerely explore! I'm thrilled the family cooking legacy won't end with me! But shhhh, nobody is suppose to know, cause the cooks still in the closet!


Janet said...

I am one of those people who really does hate to cook....but I love to bake. About the only time I enjoy cooking (and I'm using that word very loosely!) is when I can make a big pot of soup or stew. Good comfort food. Maybe Pepper is like that, too. Or you might have the next "Julie" on your hands!!

Lucy said...

your post just reaffirms the fact that pepper is simply ADORABLE! She will come out of the 'pantry' when she is good and ready and knock the socks off anyone she cooks for! I for one am not surprised!
With a spicy name.. I just knew that baby would sprinkle the perfect amount of seasoning on anything she does!
Love that you stood back and let her do her thing.. good goin mama! xoxo
(also you writing is never rusty.. just not coming to you as often)

Pam Aries said...

NOW I a mhungry! The soup looks deelish..and Pepper has a great name to be a cook! ha

forgetfulone said...

That soup looks and sounds wonderful! I can almost smell it! Wait, that's the toast my husband just cooked! LOL Seriously, that looks like the best soup!

Tammy said...

That is one talented young lady but mums the word. lol XXOO

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