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Friday, September 18, 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Tattoo"

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A pattern I drew that would make a good tattoo for me should I ever
desire the painful process or win the lottery!

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is "Tattoo"

I enjoy the artistic aspect of tattoos, the meaty stories behind them, but I have no desire to get one. Piercings on the other hand would be more my thing. If I was young today stretched ears with big purple jewels would be my indulgence. Mother would have squawked her disapproval at such a suggestion!

No one in this house has a tattoo. Byran's mentioned eventually having one that signifies his wife and children. Pepper talked of a possible one when I die. But neither has interest in getting one anytime soon.

My cousin’s daughter has one on the back of her leg that looks more like a bruise than the spiritual sign it was meant to be. I’m sure there is much unspoken regret centered on certain tattoos. Sadly some markings are so terrible with ink fading away far too fast. Like an outdated hair-do they get stale and ugly, needing a frequent touch ups!

My friend Earth Goddess has a third eye between her shoulder blades. It’s my favorite. She’s a suppressed artist; with the only tattoo that’s ever tweaked an interest in me having one! I enjoy the rich stories that accompany tattoos for now that's good enough for me.

Should I ever get one it would have my grief wings for all who've passed out of my life, a paisley,my favorite pattern, my daughters initial or name, my son-in-laws name or initial on a music note, scrabble pieces, the word imagine for my favorite song, a few hearts for my favorite shape, my blog name, something to represent peace and a colorful pattern like the one at the start of this post.It may look similar to the image below! If the truth be told tattoo's are just not for me,even though god knows I have enough skin for a mural!!!

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

my next tattoo is going to be a mural across my ass.

Janet said...

I'm not a tattoo gal. I always think of how they will look on an old person with sagging, crepe-papery skin and a misshapen, faded image that is no longer relevant! And then there's the pain....not my thing! I'll just spend my money on art supplies.

Lucy said...

enough skin for a mural! you are so so funny! I LOVE the second image with the hearts and the initials Gig! forget the tattoo and just frame that and hang it around your neck or up on a wall!
I feel very much like u do about tattoos and KNOW I will never get one(lottery or no lottery, mural skin or ANY condition)
although 3 out of my 4 men DO have one.

Tumblewords: said...

I'd love a tattoo if I could decide what and where and if it would just appear without the needle part. Unlikely, huh? Maybe you should design tattoos for the local parlor.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Tattoo's aren't really for me either. Although I got a Henna tattoo once. They only last a couple weeks and aren't done with needles! Unless I have to at the doctors, I would really prefer not to have needles stuck in me. I personally wouldn't get anything done to my body unless, I had to medically. I resepct tattoo's as well though. I know exactly how you feel!

forgetfulone said...

That is a beautiful image! Maybe some personalized stationery would be nice instead of a tattoo! They aren't for me, either.

Elise said...

Loved this post - thank you - what a talent you have !

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