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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Common Sense

I found these faces on my zoom browser but I have no idea where the canvas went, or whether I painted over them....kind of appropriate for this post, also a bit spooky for Halloween week. I think I'll hunt and see if I still have it, would be nice to finish!

When my mom was pregnant she prayed for children with good hair. Not surprising for a hairdresser having dealt with nasty limp hair. While I was pregnant I hoped for a child with common sense. I actually wished for that over intellect.

Lately I keep hearing the quote “Common sense is not so common.” I’ve taken for granted my common sense. Unfortunately it doesn’t always factor into intelligence either. Growing up we had a highly intelligent neighbor completely void of common sense. Dad called her the dumbest smart person he’d ever met! In a very nonsexist way of course!

Her kids were out of control. She bragged to other neighbors if you wanted a house cleaner for twenty-five cents an hour; just hire me as a babysitter. Her house was always a chaotic mess, with ice-cream drips glued to the counters for weeks on end. I was helping out of the kindness of my heart, but she exploited me.

Recently, at forty eight my brother realized his childhood hood pal, (the same woman's son,) probably caused him to be held in contempt by many neighbors.When confronted the boy blamed my brother for his mothers large amount of missing coins. Ones he stole and spent on candy at the corner store. Never the type to steal, imagine the damage that followed my brother for years. Can't you just hear the woman informing all the neighbors what a little poop my bro was. Kind of like the woman who brags that her husband would never cheat while he's boinking every one in town! My mother would have thoroughly investigated before drawing a conclusion.

I feel pretty blessed to have common sense, thankfully my daughter does too!


Sandee said...

Common sense is indeed a great attribute. So few have common sense. I had to laugh about the smart neighbor. The over educated without common sense feel they know everything. Absolutely everything. Your neighbor appears to be one of those type of folks. What a shame and what a disservice to your brother. I see her kids turned out to be worthless. Just guessing here.

Have a terrific day. :)

Janet said...

Common sense seems to have vanished anymore. You should feel so happy that Pepper has it.

Love the faces....I hope you find them.

keiths ramblings said...

I don't think I got a full portion of common sense! My life would have been duller if I had! Hope you find those delightful faces.

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