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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Journal prompt "dance" and a small lapse

I don't normally do journal pages but decided to play along with Linda at "Just my little bit" with her journal page prompt "DANCE". It's a bit late and done digitally because I'm working on a large canvas. This started out with another saying which I love and will use for a future painting! Sometimes I really do dance with my heart, how about you? And I wear a yellow polka dot dress too....NOT!!! Hope you're visualizing with laughter! Rarely do I deviate from black, in fact I'm always ready for Halloween!!!

Friday our little television spot aired, I was surprised at my voice. Sounds much different than I hear when I speak! I enjoyed the three minute segment, they did a magnificent job of capturing the essence of my friend Violette. Our house is in disarray as my SIL is painting the entrance way, living room, dinning room! Big job, with many coats needed. I walked by a table and saw a new door handle so I asked where it came from, trying to figure out what door it was suppose to go on. Big mistake. My daughter had a look of horror on her face, speaking loudly as though my mental pause was a hearing problem, "MOM YOU BOUGHT IT, REMEMBER???" The titter in her voice jogged my memory in an instant, I announced, "oh yeah, fourteen dollars, for your room, right, I remember!" Mentioning the price to assure her I wasn't going senile!! Geesh I don't profess perfection! A few natural lapses in memory when you're tired is okay isn't it?


Sandee said...

I hope a few lapses in memory when I'm tired is okay. If not I'm in the same boat as you. Bwahahahahaha. I think they are making way too much of this. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Linda said...


How did I miss your post with this awesome page? I love what you did with the prompt. So cool. Love the polka dot dress too.

I should ahve the next prompt up on Thursday morning. By the way, it doesn't have to be a journal page. It can be done on any base you want to use. Just let me know when you post so others can see it too.

Thanks for playing along.

Lucy said...

oooh i love that! and I always dance with my heart! wish I had that pretty polka dot dress!
what television spot did u do?!!! how exciting!! i will check out the link! and I think you have a beautiful, sexy, interesting voice!
as for the memory thing... i yi yi! (how would u type that?) I can SO relate!
can't wait to see pics of the new wall giggs! xoxo

Queen-Size funny bone said...

just remember I knew you when...can I have your autograph.

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