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Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Reusable bags" for Blog Action Day

My art representing all bloggers involved in Blog action day today!!

Making a difference! We all have the ability to make small changes that can affect the climate of our planet. There are no excuses....it doesn't matter if our neighbor doesn't comply. Leading by example will eventually socially guilt people into doing what's right, like we've done with drunk driving and smoking. In numbers we can all have an affect! Thousands of blogs are taking part all over the world to get the message out! Click on the blog action day icon to read not only what some of the experts have to say but what the average blogger like myself feels they can contribute!I imagine the values of my parents, where everything was reused,
recycled, well made and valued

This bag I painted over two years ago is rather tired looking but I can repaint to breath new life into it. This purse is large enough to carry many other folded up canvas bags while reflecting who I am as an artist!You too can encourage friends to carry canvas or cloth bags by giving them as gifts, or having a craft day where you decorate them with your friends or children.
Bags don't have to be fancy, you can make them colorful or plain to match your outfits. They're more likely to be used if you love them, and routinely carry them in a purse or car!

You can fashion bags to be seasonal, to reflect your own style.

Reusable bags can be decorated with scraps from around the house, buttons, ribbons, whatever suits your fancy. I apologize to my regular readers who've seen these before, but I would love to encourage people to try their hand at decorating bags to use and enjoy daily!

It can be an infectious small difference,
saving our Oceans and landfills from an overflow of plastic.

I'm not going to lie, I had to train myself to carry these bags at all times.
Returning them to the car the moment I put my groceries away worked best. The other day I forgot to return a bag to my purse because it was out of sight. I was so mad at myself, I asked the cashier to load only one plastic bag then carried what I could loosely.

Carrying meaningful bags can start conversations. To be honest they are much
easier to tote than the plastic, when you know better you do better....

Things I wish to see changed to make a difference.

Shorter retail store openings, to save energy on overhead, and recreate a more
normal family situation for children. Sunday closures except for corner stores.

Employers tax incentive for scheduling so people can car pool.

Less consumption, more families connecting for games, sports, conversations.

More fashions concentrated on reusing and altering older pieces.

A monetary penalty for industries who develop inferior products that need replacing every few years. eg...small and large appliances, vehicles. Or a tax incentive to those who develop the most well made lasting green products.

These are just a few changes that need to be made for the good of our planet and climate change. What would you do??

Things we do in our house.
Reusable containers for lunches
One car for three adults
Buy produce locally
Try to shop in our neighborhood
Plan errands to coincide with one outing
Reusable water bottles
Turn lights off
Don't idle the car
Heavy curtains and blinds for main windows
Cook enough for leftovers
Reusable bags
Donate things we don't need
Recycle as much garbage as we can
Share everything possible
To name a few!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

great ideas. we have made changes to also save money.

Linda said...

I love your bags, especially the blue with the large green and pink flowers. We've been recycling for a while now, especially paper, and it feels good to know that we aren't feeding the landfills as much any more.

Are you journaling? if so, I want to invite you to play along with me using the themes I'm adding on my blog.

Lucy said...

Such a treat to see your beautiful creative bags giggles!! You give such great tips and i think your family is doing so so much to help our planet.. we need to make some changes and you've given me some great ideas.
I still bring your bag to zumba and the library and it sure is a great conversation starter!
Do u find these at a craft store??
I would love to try and paint one!
big hugs! xox

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