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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Nature Goddess

Even if you're a sixty year old named nature goddess

Happy Birthday Hot stuff

Girl you put the coo in cougar!

This is the card I made for Nature Goddess

It was her sixtieth birthday a week ago Sunday. Doesn't she do sixty well? Yes my lovely traveling hiker friend always amazes me, how easily she stave's off age! Inner peace really is an integral part of staying young, along with a few youthful pieces of clothing and jewelry...wink wink!! Jewelry being the plus size woman's best friend since clothing of late has too many florals and stripes to ever flatter the chunkiest of us! Let alone keep us looking current and young! Anyway it was a fun gathering to celebrate our goddess, with only one glitch. A group of four middle aged men moved from one table to sit next to us, with all but their tongues hanging out ogling our table the entire time. They were so creepy. But isn't the cake Dream goddess created pretty?

1 comment:

Lucy said...

wow nature goddess looks amazing! happy birthday to her!!
the cake IS so so pretty! as for the creepy guyss... ewwww.
miss u and your great posts and art work!
(YOGA pants!! omg.. I got the most comfortable and INexpensive pairs at Modells .. I am living in them giggs!!)

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