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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Film Shoot

Violette was kind enough to send me her photos
from the impromptu television shoot
we did Monday for "The Express" .
Bryan was invited to entertain us with his own
compositions while we created in the art studio at
the magic cottage.His voice is always so relaxing. When the film crew arrived they seemed thrilled with all the creative eye candy.
It brought back memories when I first visited the house during an artist tour.
I was so excited to meet another individual as passionate about color as I am.
A kindred soul who thrives in unconventional surroundings! I was a little apprehensive about being filmed, telling myself if my car didn't work Monday then it wasn't meant to be. I really wanted to support my friend so I was glad it started! In fact the day flowed so beautifully. Surprisingly I was interviewed for quite a chunk of time, which along with Violette's feature and Bryan's tunes will be edited into a three minute segment.

It was a pleasure to express my admiration for Violette's work, explaining how she inspired me to start a blog and explore different genres of art. Especially to such a receptive interested film crew as Erin and Rob. I'm looking forward to final product which will be aired next week.

When Pepper was small she loved to do art projects, drawing some great pictures that I still treasure. Now she sews on occasion, scrapbooks, and using fashion as her creative outlet, sometimes even finding excitement in decorating cupcakes too! Since we've spent more time with Violette lately, I see her even more inspired to focus on her creative abilities, a slight reprieve from her business mind.
Pepper and Erin clicked as they chatted about their favorite fashion finds!

Don't you just love the background of the creative juice studio!
The day ended with my replacing my car battery, which
was somewhat less expensive than the expected new starter!!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Honestly you and Pepper could be sisters. Both beautiful and vivacious...

Linda said...

Oh that looks like so much fun. I'm so jealous, I want to go see Violette's studio. It's just so beautiful!!

Glad you had a fun time.

violette said...

Thanks again so very very much for coming out in support! I sure hope they put your blurb in the 3 minutes......you are so articulate and inspirational! I just know everyone will be inspired by what you have to say!
Love, violette

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