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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Scribblings " Bump in the Night"

This weeks Sunday Scribblings prompt is " Bump in the Night"

I awoke after forty minutes of sleep,disoriented I thought I saw dust particles in the light of my window, it looked like smoke, and I almost panicked. But I smelled nothing,
heard no bump in the night so I raced to the computer

to get my thoughts down, and form
this piece of Halloween digital art!
Pepper got me two blank Starbucks cups so I could cut the printed out pattern for a combined 30th and 40th birthday party I was to attend last evening. I even added their names for a special ghoulish touch. I was pretty excited to be able to top up their gifts with these unique pieces.
Saturday Morning on route to another location I waited outside the mall for a few minutes so Pepper could gather some containers needed for our next stop. Sadly this is what I saw........

Saturday Morning People

Almost nine thirty

Straggler trickle to the mall
greasy haired addicts
oblivious to who they appall
Cravers of that morning smoke
toss butts amidst their walk
Disheveled stranger
cocks his head to the sky

to talk
Old ladies wheeling
walking aides
Slumped in disarray
Saturday morning people
Chasing demons away
Some amble slowly
Some click a quick pace
Parading through the entrance
in the lonely peoples race
I peer through my car window
Waiting for my one who cares
While the unfortunate
settle for empty stares.


Lucy said...

such a sad but unfortunately real observation.
As usual your art is just amazing me!!

Forgetfulone said...

Love the cups! I bet they were a hit. Your poem is sad, but true, and well-written as usual.

Belle said...

"Saturday Morning People" just blew me away. What amazing attention to detail... What a lifestyle you managed to translate.

And the art is fabulous!

Patois said...

Your poem is very sad. On target, but sad.

Love, love, love your artwork.

keiths ramblings said...

A sad but familiar site. You coffee cups are amazing!

violette said...

Wow.....the cups are gorgeous Sherrie............i have always wanted to do that and now i just might do it! Thanks for the inspiration.....and thanks also for coming out in support of the film shoot the other day!
Love, Violette

Anonymous said...

Those are hot!!
And great poem, too :)

gel said...

Hi Giggles (almost called you "gigs!"),

Clever how you used the prompt to showcase your COOL digital art. If you lived near me, I'd have no spending $ b/c you're art is so cool I'd have to own some! (Yes, I have a new blog.)

Oh, you know me and loving word play. Great sidebar use of "purse-sonality!"

linda may said...

This is great. Now I want to see those characters in your art work. They could be people anywhere in the world. Aren't we lucky to be waiting for someone when others may not have such privilege.

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