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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Game"

  Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is "Game" 
this post took maybe five or ten minutes to write.... funny how that works!

So after I posted this I realized this was the prompt from two weeks ago.... 
Oh my, how mental pausal of me!!


I’m contented to play my silly game
Absolutely nothing more sublime
When the mesh of intrinsic letters
Could be connected online

I woke to flick the switch on
An obsession beyond control
When I found the perfect opponent
I‘d be hours on a role

No drink, no food did I need
My drive was so intense
To up my comprehension
A passion so immense

Dusting fell by the wayside
Dinner often too
I despised an interruption
Fingers stuck to keys like glue

Jailed in my compulsion
The phone rang on and on
Then I started blogging  
soon addicted to a new song


Queen-Size funny bone said...

yes indeed, if i were only good at it

Lucy said...

this post and poem were so YOU, SO cute!
when i first saw your post I thought, OH I thought I remember seeing brave (thinking it was MY mental Pause!!) hahahaha Good thing you pointed it out, or I would have been thinking YOU were right and not my memory and I would have played 'game' too!
Anyway... YOU are so GReaT at what you love to do!! I so know that feeling of not wanting to be interrupted while glued to the scrabble board! TIlE ON Soul Sister!
and hey you were Brave to post game! so there you go!

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