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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Brave" and Christmas Crafting

Photo credited to Violettes blog

Sunday Pepper and I did some Christmas crafting with our artists friends.
A great time was had by all! We enjoyed decorating an ornament, chatting about art,
while munching on goodies with the spirit  of the season abounding!!!
Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is actually "Brave" I know many 

brave women I could write about but  in light of the 
season I'd rather keeps things on the fun side!

Friday  the three of  us trekked to another city to have our hair done. Being  the environmentally green folks that we are,  errands seemed feasible on the way home. With  fear of snow looming, the Friday rush hour just around the corner we drove to our home city to finish up. Stopping here and there for Christmas treats and treasures.  While Pepper was in the mall I asked Bryan if  there were any stops he wanted to make.   Pajama city was the only place he wanted to go. “Pajama city,” I asked quizzically. He was adamant Pajama city was the only stop he wanted to make. He teased me for a bit, then admitted Pajama city was at home where he could put on his PJ’S. We had a laugh over that. When Pepper returned to the car we played the pajama city  game with her,  eventually we had her giggling in compliance.

Soon  daylight had disappeared. I was fishing around my dashboard to turn up the dimly lit board when Pepper asked what I was doing! I explained I was searching for the switch to brighten up the board. Dumbfounded she asked why. I replied that I can hardly see the speedometer. She reminded me that it was bright enough. I waited for a red light, still planning  to  turn up the light. None turned red so I continued to drive struggling to see the dash. There in the mirror, to my horror I saw it! I was still wearing my clip on sunglasses.  I quickly pulled them off and we all laughed hysterically….I was going to Pajama city wearing sunglasses in the dark….. My children  had braved another mental pausal moment with mommy!!! 


Queen-Size funny bone said...

you guys are always doing something fun.

Lucy said...

hahahahahah xoxo

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