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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday Thirteen Random things

Thirteen totally random things 

Peppers former boss announced that she's getting married
at a five course dinner she invited us to last Wednesday.  
An independent business woman it's a  first marriage in her late forties!

We attempted to do a concert with whistles from party crackers, 
while Pepper conducted!

She set an amazing table with different wines for each course.

Sunday my artist friend had a craft party

I made a shrinky dink out from  a character on my 
Christmas cards .

We had our first snow of the season and could watch it as we created. 

 Nikki making a shrinky dink out of one of her characters

 It's such a blast getting together with good friends. My friend Violette
is always so supportive and inspires me to try new mediums. 

 Pepper made magnets from pieces of scrapbook paper
then covered glass balls with colored tissue

while Betty Boop looked on!

 Pepper's boss brought  us this cool little  pillow from the Caribbean!

My daughter has only ever worked for powerful strong women!
I find that very interesting!

My son-in law won an  all inclusive trip for two to  Mexico for a week!



Queen-Size funny bone said...

when are they going to Mexico?

Alberta said...

Sounds like an absolutely fabulous week!

Lucy said...

wow this looks like such fun!!
what are shrinky dinks?
sounds too cute! You guys have such great get-togethers! wish I lived a wee bit closer! just a wee bit! haha
we went to mexico on our honeymoon! how cool to WIN the trip! hope they have a blast! wonder where they are staying?

gemma said...

How fun!!!
Sending my love to you this season and always.

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