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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday Scribblings "Weird is Amusing"

 photo take Oct/ 2007

I couldn't resist this weeks topic at Sunday scribblings! "Weird" is my middle name!!! I have never walked the beaten path, naming my daughter Pepper should be a huge clue "I march to a different accordion"..... which,  by the way, is also a bumper sticker I flaunt!

Although   I'm more of a homebody now, I still prefer weird and unusual aspects to life. It's more interesting for me. The human spirit, it's complexities and weirdness intrigue me. Comedians take  human flaws, bizarre behavior and make light of it. I once heard a comedian say that artist and poets are the ones willing to address that which others are unwilling to! That would be me, weird as I am, I'm proud to say I  address  subjects others shun!

I’ve  never fit in my  family
With my quirky little style
Colorful, brass and brazen
I stayed just a little while

I must have been an Indy kid
Back in the hippy day
Swimming tumultuous waves at home
Just to find my way

Different clothes, shoes and tastes
A philanthropist at best
Misunderstood by many
Neutral with all the rest

Life took a glorious twist
I found my own tribe
People who could appreciated
My unusual vibe

My parents died not knowing
The artist trapped inside
Creating funny little characters  
With a monumental pride

Often an embarrassment
Not willing to conform
I wore Christmas lights at a dance      
Deflecting  the norm

Weird is wonderful I say
Not boring or contrite
It’s the act of artistry
It makes the colors bright!!!


Linda Jacobs said...

Love this quirky poem! It made me chuckle.

Your Santa babes are wonderful! I wish I could draw! Your designs crack me up!

floreta said...

yes weird is definitely a good thing. i like your portrait w/ Pepper (I assume). :D I like that name.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

weirdo's unite

gemma said...

So glad there is you! Happy about all the other wierdo's too! We are free to be us! Embracing my wierdness now...after hiding it so I could fit in.
Life is good.

Dee Martin said...

Christmas tree lights to a dance - love that.

Tumblewords: said...

Weird is the coolest way to ride. Your new banner is wildly wonderful!

ojanna said...

that was fun to read :)

Lucy said...

The weird and the wonderful! that's you!
The Christmas lights at the dance made me smile too! I love your uniqueness!

Catherine Denton said...

Love this!

Americanising Desi said...

now this is really amusing!

call e weird :P)


Janet said...

Love love love this! I'm a bit weird, too although I've mellowed somewhat with age! My favorite aunt once told me if I looked like everyone else in a room no one would pay attention....and I would be boring. She said it was better to look different and be yourself rather than follow others.

oldegg said...

Gloriously funny and a great recommendation to be weird.

Renee said...

I like the christmas paintings you are doing, the girls are perfect and the banner looks amazing.

I love the name Pepper and you both look like beauties under that weird look.

Renee xoxo

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