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Friday, December 04, 2009

Goddesses Christmas Magic

Happy Houses by Happytiler

Goddess night was magical beyond words. Dining on cuisine made with love. Ambiance of peace and harmony. These photos don't do it justice. We all bring a small gift to trade. I used a Starbucks mug template with two pieces of art as my surprise offering.

My caricatures garnered a giggle....nothing makes me happier! Our slight Faery goddess wondered who the one in the red was, boy did she laugh when she realized it was her! I just hope no one was insulted....it was all in fun and not an actual likeness. 
Besides it's  impossible to create the multifaceted perfection these gals possess!

  Faery Goddess as our cute little tree elf


Janet said...

I love these latest creations of yours! The houses are so cute and the caricatures are great.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

she has a very nice smile and you do a very nice job.

Lucy said...

Sherrie!!!!! Those Caricatures are SO great and I actually can recognize some of your friends in them!! Like is Violette dream?? I bet she is!! I can't ever get enough of your beautiful fun artwork!
speaking of that... hmmmm my blog is needing a perk me up! any ideas?? haha I know how crazy this time of year is.. maybe when you have a slow moment!
OH>. and your HOUSES!!! I love them they remind me of a picture Joey made in 3rd grade that I have framed in my kitchen. remind me to take a pic of it and send it to you. You will understand why I love yours so much too! xoxoxo

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