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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Extremes

My extreme love of color is more than obvious to anyone visiting this blog.
I’ve had extreme hair, until I found this……
 I’ve had extreme clothing, multi colored bows in my hair! Extreme boisterous behavior,, extreme makeup and jewelry!! I’ve had extreme opinions, not always popular.
I’ve been extremely sarcastic; thankfully I got a handle on my contemptible humor. Also extremely unconventional and naughty at times.
I’ve been extremely  honest, and brutally blunt, not always a good thing! I still can be at times, often to my detriment! But now I’m old, I'm nice ……wink!!!


Sandee said...

I'm very conservative with colors. Why? I don't know. I've just always gravitated to less color than more. I think that's why I like it over here so much. It's colorful. So unlike me, but a wonderful place to visit.

Have a terrific, colorful day. :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

wow thats some curly hair.

Lucy said...

haha Love that ending ! that wink!
You are a woman of extremes eh?? could have fooled me! haha
Love all the pics! I put bows in my hair in the 80's too! (that crazy madonnas influence!)
the cream bleach was soo funny!! at first I was thinking..why is that stuck amongst all this fun and color!
you are too cute! xox
love you and love your igloo-like houses!

Janet said...

As my hubby would say....Yeah, yeah, sure! :-) First of all you're NOT old 'cause if you are then I'm ancient!!

You and I have (or had) many of the same tendencies....the hair, the clothes, the naughty behavior and I wouldn't change a thing! It was fun!!

gemma said...

I know why you are winking!
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