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Friday, February 12, 2010

Let the Olympics begin!

  Robson square outdoor skating rink Vancouver B.C.
All photo copyrights on this post belong to Pepper

Momentum builds for today's  four o'clock  
Winter Olympics opening ceremonies in our city. 
Things have been kept very hush hush! 
  I live on the out skirts,  basically a skytrain ride or thirty five minute drive from the main hub of Vancouver B.C.  but  born and raised in North Vancouver an even shorter stint away and closer to Cypress bowl  (Mountain) where the down hill skiing takes place.

Many  opposed to the expense of the games have even buckled with patriotic spirit and love for our Country!   Everything is a buzz!  Not as many cars on the roads with streets blocked off for pedestrians and locals encouraged to take transit!

Universities have gone on two week reading breaks, delivery trucks are commanded to deliver after midnight and  each torch run has brought  people out in droves no matter the hour of the day!

Monday night my kids did enjoy the hoopla of the torch running in our city of Surrey B.C.

Last night the  kids were invited to a  Closed Gibson Guitar party.

They headed to Vancouver early jumping in on the attractions 
taking opportunity for a few photos before the free surprise concert!

  Including Buffy St Marie, Hedley, a couple of Canadian idol kids, a few of the Canadian Tenors who were on Oprah Wednesday, the Odds, Default and many many others!  Bare naked Ladies were in attendance but didn't perform. The kids caught the second to last train home before one fifteen. Excitement was at a high as celebrities  played covers  while people casually sang along!  This is just the beginning,   free concerts are scheduled in many different municipalities!  


Let the fun begin...... can't wait to see who's performing. 


Jessie said...

Hi Giggles, these pictures make it all amazing! I see you too love Violettes work! Your blog is so fun and I enjoyed reading the daily quotes that you have posted. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment. :)

Janet said...

What an exciting event for your beautiful city. Pepper is adorable as always!!

Nita Jo said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! I appreciated your comments on the story. It's close to my heart.

I love all the pictures of Vancouver! It looks like a beautiful city. The art pieces are wonderful. We watched the Opening Ceremonies... so touching!

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