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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Scribblings " Ethics" and Anniversary!

 Card I made for the special couple
Happy Second Anniversary to my dear Daughter and her wonderful man!
Today's Sunday Scribbling prompt   "Ethics" is so fitting for  my daughter. Who
was born with exemplary ethics. Never discussed was the huge cost,
 especially  have piercings, dying your hair different colors and wearing a t-shirt that says "bad little virgin". 
When she was about four or five she spilled a coke on the carpet, forgetting to tell me. It dried a little before I asked what it was. I explained how cleaning it up immediately was imperative so it wouldn't stain. I promised  never be angry  about accidents, but said I would be mad about lying.  

A few months later her  friend got gum stuck on something, and asked her not to tell me. She assured the girl I wouldn't be mad if they told me. I wasn't... the trust was built.
I expected my child to experiment, but she had no desire to. She prided herself on being an oxymoron. Looking like the wild girl, with cherry red and black hair, goth clothes, and piercings, while being on the honor roll,  year book editor, and  having a job on weekends as a production assistant at a golf club.  
When all the teens were partying, experimenting and over indulging she was either working or opted out. Still she always knew how to have fun! Playing board games, watching movies, skating, swimming, going to concerts, sewing, making collages she kept busy. Eventually the gang who hung out all through high school went their own way. Clubbing every weekend  finding different partners.  While she had found her love at first sight and held tight.
 She's been   put in charge of peoples children and their businesses at a very young age.   Holding that  responsibility in the highest esteem. Always   fiscally responsible paying her bills on time, contributing to the house without being asked. Giving to charity, accounting for every dime in her places of employment. She was just born ethical, but there is a cost. I remember the whispers from parents assuming she'd be 
a bad teen because I let her dye her hair and wear funky styles at a young age. 
When she got married she refused to get herself in  debt. They wanted a simple ceremony, a dinner, and laughter. While I endorsed their right to marry in their own style after six years together,  they were judged by some friends  and family for not having a large reception. For marrying in secret.  The judgment was tough, still they defended their right to  make good life choices for themselves.
Having worked at wedding ceremonies, they knew the cost  and kerfuffle of large weddings. They witnessed   family discord and unhappy couples mentally and physically too exhausted to enjoy their day! So instead they chose to do it their way, having it paid off in the first six months! Allowing them the ability to travel, enjoy concerts and have dinner out on occasion. 

Almost as much guilt goes with being ethical as not. I remember a pair of jeans she bought as a teen. They cost too much, she had a difficult time wearing them knowing she could have found ones cheaper. Right now she is having the same dilemma about that second pair of boots she bought a few weeks ago. Feeling they are too extravagant especially in light of the Haitians, and children she saw bagging groceries at   Walmart in Mexico. 

She takes transit instead of driving, she is frugal and generous, she earns every cent she spends, she's thoughtful and charitable, she deserves to wear the boots already!!!
Happy Anniversary dear daughter, you deserve the best and you got the best!!!
You have always made better choices than me!!!
Now wear the boot already. I can't wait to see them on you!!!

Love shines in your faces daily
Sharing a quiet morning
Eating a bowl of cereal or
Catching the bus together

Each trip you take
Each concert you see
Each giggle you share
Tightens your bond

Everyday is your
Valentines Day
As you strengthen
A love so rare

You have a best friend
A champion
A lover and confident
In each other

You have it all
You are truly the
Luckiest Valentines
On the planet!

Enjoy your love
And Happy Anniversary!


Sandee said...

Happy Anniversary and listen to your mom...wear the boots. I want to see them too. :)

Lucy said...

I LOVE U Pepper!!!
This has me welling up with tears AGAIN! Such a moving display of love,respect and admiration for you bright, beautiful, Wise daughter!
An old soul in a hot funky body!
You are so lucky to have such a gem of a girl! but I just KNOW it wasn't luck alone.. Those Ethics don't fall far from the nurturing mama tree!

Janet said...

You have a beautiful daughter....inside as well as out. And she seems to have found her perfect partner. Happy Anniversary to Pepper and Bryan!!

Jessie said...

A lovely post to a lovely couple! Your card is gorgeous too :)

JP/deb said...

What an exquisite tribute to your daughter, her husband and their love. Gorgeous!


Nita Jo said...

I loved this post! The trusting bond you built with your daughter payed off in such a beautiful way. She sounds like a treasure!

Nita Jo

Americanising Desi said...

ethically a good post :)

Ha Ethical?

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