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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Scribblings "Deadline"

 1996 My dogs Puppies, Harmony and Chance

Sunday Scribblings " Deadlines"
They were late posting too!

Deadlines, and time in general are not my forte. I’ve worn watches but only  around my neck  out of necessity. I have terrible time management. Yet in previous years I accomplished more than most .  Living on  four hours sleep for years. When I finally crashed, I was forced to reimburse the  sleep bank , and have been doing so for a long time now.  

Not sure if it’s a rebel spirit in me, or self sabotage, except for anything pertaining to my daughter I am usually late.   When she was a toddler I made a conscience decision not to burden her with my  tardiness habit, (inherited from my mother).  Consequently my child’s not been late for work or school on my watch. As a conscientious mother  I would also  arrive  early to collect her from any event.

For some reason I’m unable to time things correctly  for myself.  I excel at many things,  deadlines and time are not one of them. Before my  dogs passed  they were my  excuse for chronic lateness. Truthfully there was always some mini catastrophe  as I was about to walk out the door. Whether I  tripped  over them with a special dip in  hand, spilled their water, had to clean muddy feet after a jaunt outside, or heaven forbid the last minute poopy bum  I was  forced to address before my exit….in fact I think that one  happened too often during  my thirty five year stint as a dog owner.  (Note to self, something you don’t miss about not having a dog)

However there are certain  things  I’m never late for, court dates, crucial appointments, and the hairdresser. Only because it could affect others in a detrimental way. Nothing worse than a furious hairdresser holding scissors against tresses.  Nothing makes a hairdresser more annoyed than when you put all her appointments behind schedule. If you've ever had a bad hair cut, think back if you were late!

I’m expected to be late where ever I go,  I never disappoint. In my defense I am quite vain about my appearance liking things to be just right when I leave. Maybe it’s a numbers thing, you know how much I  abhor those. I always think I have more time than I do!  I can’t seem to figure  in red lights, traffic jams, and  other unforeseen delays, like no thru roads.  Yes deadlines are not my friend I get frustrated with those who arrive early and throw me off my game! Some say being late is ignorant…I’m never hours late….just perpetually a bit late! You tell me, what’s my problem???

P.S. I've even had people lie about the time I was to arrive telling me a half hour earlier to get me there on time!  I know, THAT'S........ BAAAAAD!!!


sg beatty said...

I like the fact that your tardiness only applies to you. You are thoughtful enough to think of others. enjoyed your post.
OLd Grizz

Kathy said...

To know you is to love you! My best friend has the same problem, and the female side of my family suffers from mail procrastination disability. My husband (an otherwise lovely man) is afflicted with SRAD, Stress Related Asshole Disorder. None of us is perfect.

I've been away too long; I've been so busy trying to finish enough paintings for a new gallery, but today I needed some soulfood for myself. So I came here, one of my favorite spots for reading, photography, and art. I love the paisley hair on your new banner and the great photos from the winter Olympics.

Americanising Desi said...

hey not being able to time is no issue - really! and not every one can be routined to deadlines - some really have a different set of mechanism!

Deadline - Decline

rob kistner said...

First of all LOVE the photo of the pups -- and deadlines are not all they're cracked up to be, I miss them constantly, and I apologize A LOT...
Image & Verse

Forgetfulone said...

At least you know this about yourself! Very well written.

JP/deb said...

oh sharrie - me too!! selective tardiness is my problem :)


oldegg said...

Luckily the people that know you well can compensate. How is it that the really important times and dates are met? Surely you don't value others less and yet frustrate them regardless?

I shall look forward to to you reporting an improvement of your irksome habit. Shall we say by next Sunday or later perhaps?

Lucy said...

where do i begin? so much to comment about! I HAVE to start by thanking you for that plug on HOW important it is NOT to let your hairdresser wait!! haha A REAL pet peeve of mine SHer!and like you've said.. not just for my inconvenience but more so not to back up my whole day inconveniencing ALL my clients that day!
Like your friends do to you.. I am guilty of telling my best friend her appointment is a half hour earlier than it really is,just to get her in on time. Same goes when we meet for anything other than haircuts.
As for what your problem is?? Gee.. I don't think its ignorance AT ALL.. I think you just don't have that clock in your head like I do. I am so punctual it's crazy.. even when I TRY to be late.. I arrive RIGHT on time! haha But when I am MAD at someone who is consistently late.. I often call them Inconsiderate! Sorry!! You know I love u! I respect that you're punctual where pepper is concerned... just pretend every meeting is a pepper meeting! that will turn you into a consistently punctual girl! :))

I also have to say HOw adorable your pups were! SO Cute! What breed were they? they remind me of my wheaten when she was a pup! that photo is so precious! so was this post! sorry for hogging so much comment space. xoxo big hugs

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