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Friday, April 16, 2010

So grateful while living in Chaos

I had my paints out to finish a few  canvases, Bryan bought wood for a window seat he's been itching to build when  we get the call the guys coming in three days to lay hardwood in the family room, kitchen eating area. 

Oh man, with Bryan working full time  it was a huge struggle  to move furniture putting felt on each piece not to scratch our  living room floor,  pull the carpets, the moldings and part of the lino in three days. But the man, marvel that he is, did it!  With   ibprophen as his best friend, taking the edge off joint pain. 

Every  morning   I forget we have no family room or T.V. hooked up downstairs.  I miss my cozy space where I plop myself down to eat my bowl of multigrain cheerios with that first scrumptious cup of roasted ground beans! 

On a good note,    I am incredibly grateful for  the   wonderful sectional brownie pan I received from my dear blog friend, scrabble partner Queensize funny bone....what a doll, I had no idea it was coming and cried with delight when I opened it. Unfortunately with all the dust blowing around in the kitchen we haven't been able to bake any yet! I have a feeling it will be very soon though! I'll post a photo a soon as Pepper does, she wants to Christen it!

I also received a parcel from my blog friend Keith  in England. He sent me copy of the antics he wrote about his friend Rosy, along with my new favorite mug sporting  the illustration I created of her.  It's a pretty quick read although I've only had time for half of it, I couldn't stop smiling   with every chapter. Rosey is such a hilarious fun character, I have to choose my words carefully  because she reads my blog. But this young woman see's the world through some what naive eyes which makes her so  endearing!  She reminds me of a character from my favorite  English Carry On gang in the seventies!  It's been a glorious week of unexpected welcome surprises, yet my house is a haberdashery of chaos! Now there's a word for ya!


Sandee said...

I received a package from England yesterday too. I won a Tuesday Teaser contest.

Way to go on the brownie pan and the copy of Rosy antics. A red letter day for sure.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

rosey's friend keith! said...

What a great week you had! I'm so pleased you enjoyed Rosey, she'll be pleased too!

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