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Friday, May 07, 2010

24 things I want my 24 year old to know!

1)Look for the good in all things!
2)Don’t sweat the small stuff, most of it's irrelevant
3)People WILL disappoint you, but love them anyway, they’re only human 
and well worth it!
4)See the world and every situation with positive perspective
5)Don’t let the “doom and gloomers” get you down, or put you down!
6)Always have a hidden back up twenty or fifty!
7)Shed people who are chronic complainers and energy drainers they’ll drag you down.
8)Always save time for yourself, and pamper yourself on occasion!
9)Carry faith in your back pocket at all times!
10)Trust your intuition and your heart, they’ll show you the correct road.
11)Try not to make assumptions, but if you do, try to make them positive!
12)Never put anyone on a pedestal, it’s not fair to them
13)Nothing is what it appears, always delve further
14)Sometimes there are things you just don’t need or want to know!
15)Try to be flexible.
16)Issues you have with another, is key to finding and fixing your own issues!
17)You are braver than you know!
18)Rejection is a great excuse to open a new door!
19)Enjoy your god given gifts to the max and dream BIG!
20) Find something or someone you truly love and invest your time in it!
21)Stand up for what you believe in, even if you feel all alone in your convictions!
22)Everyday is mother’s day when you have great children!
23)Happiness is found in simple wonderment threaded together during the day! 
24) You can get through any crisis if you have a good friend, a good cup of coffee, and a homemade cookie

Happy Mothers Day
Joy Behar said she heard " if you have a good mother, it's like winning the lottery!"


Janet said...

Pepper definitely won the lottery!! This is a great list of advice for anyone....in fact, I think I'll print it out and hang it where I can see it every day....if that's ok with you.

Lucy said...

i agree Janet...Pep won the lottery and giggles it must feel like mommas day everyday!
Love Love Love your words of wisdom!
ending with a cookie was so perfectly you! I too, would love to copy this and pass it to my kids!
only one more I want to add for my 25 year old...
expect Nothing from anyone and you will Never be disappointed only pleasantly surprised.
(i have my hidden 50 too Sher!)
big hugs to u! happy mommas day!

Jessie said...

Happy Mother's Day giggles! Have a lovely day :o) x

keiths ramblings said...

My daughter is the same age, so I read your list wondering how much of of it I could offer to her. She's had a pretty hard few years, so much of this she's found out for herself the hard way! But it all makes so much sense. Well done!

gemma said...

Looking at things with a positive perspective is the greatest advice and best attitude to have in life.
It makes all the difference.
Happy Mothers Day!

Kathy said...

Happy belated Mother's Day, Janet! These are indeed words of wisdom. In fact, I think I will copy this list and give it to my 21 and 28 year sons. Numbers 3 and 20 are my personal favorites.

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