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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Brother defies Age

Inside says , " I'm old and hot too, and  it aint workin for me either!"
Of course I added, "but you're also....."
then listed  his many attributes, which will remain private!

It was my brothers birthday last week he's now one year shy of fifty. I had to make him a  card as a reminder, since he's always so ready to tease me! He's not typical and never has been. He defies age by dressing current, keeping up to date with his kids,  eating healthy and working out. A regime he's followed since age twelve. Like most of us he's not perfect with his own demons to fight. The photo above was taken in February, but  he looks a little more built up than usual right now.  Although he  prides himself on being in top shape during the summer I suspect he may be preparing to enter a body building contest on his fiftieth  next year. Even though he's not mentioned it yet, call it sisters intuition.   

He won first place in a body buiding contest on his thirtieth birthday, a few days before mom's stroke that lead to her demise three months later. Which I'm sure took the joy out of that win. It's kind of the Sandra Bullock theory...when something grand happens, then is swooped away on you! Like my friends step dad winning the lottery and dying of cancer six months later..... I digress, it's a lot of work to train for a contest like that...hours in the gym, eating lots of  plain rice and chicken, nothing else for months....everything is bland, being  grumpy because of constant  hunger. It's  darn grueling work too! But that's never stopped him before... I'll tell you when he announces it! For now he's keeping mum!


Sandee said...

Happy belated birthday to your handsome brother.

Have a terrific day. :)

Jessie said...

Not old!
What a lovely realtionship you have with your brother :) xx

Lucy said...

wow sherrie...maybe it's this damn menopause..but I am finding bro SO damn sexy I can't even take it!
hahahaha I don't care WHAT he has to go through or how grumpy he may get... Please tell him to keep it up!
(well...u know what I mean!) and keep posting his body building pics please! hahaha xoxox
love your cartoon!

Janet said...

Your brother is a handsome guy! My son is into all that health stuff, too. He is so muscular and fit at 47....when he visits he spends a lot of time stretching and lifting weights and he enjoys it all.

Hope your brother had a great birthday!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

He is a handsome devil...Happy happy and many more to him.

Lucy said...

ok...just had to have another peak...UH... i mean peek.. xox

Amber said...

Good genes in your family! No wonder your daughter is so lovely.
Happy Birthday to your brother. Brother's are good, I like 'em.


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