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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday Scribblings Dragon

  So excited to get my car he hoisted it by hand, if that 
 didn't work I'm sure he'd have carried it home on his back!

I tell ya I have been dragon (draggin)....my ass.....trying to decide what car to buy!
After a year of contemplation, research and  frustration I finally slayed the dragon, released my wheels to the man above, then purchased a new car!  In the end I choose my original  first pick,  a vehicle that struck my fancy as an artist!  Oh sure I'd have preferred a top of the line BMW or Mercedes suv, even a convertible mini cooper  could have swayed me had I the income to maintain it. As a loyal jeep owner for twenty fours years I considered it as well!

Bryans oldest brother, proud new owner of my 
18 year old renegade he has big plans for her!
Take note his foot is laying claim saying,  " It's mine now!"

Surprisingly I'm quite vain when it comes to the four wheels under my butt.  My first car was purchased as a surprise, without my input. A red cricket parked in the driveway long before I had a license. I'd pull the key out and it was still kerchunking  away (still running)  as  I entered my place of employment. Worst investment ever made as a married couple. Lasted five years, rusted out, and died.

Next car, a 77 Corvette, barely used.  A co worker anxious to upgrade sold it  to me.   At twenty one I became the epitome of the  Lionel Richie song "Three times a lady!" zooming around in a disco boat!  Drove it ten years, sold it a year after baby was born, didn't fit her stroller, made two hundred dollars above the original price. It was like having a free car for a decade! 

After that I was a jeep girl all the way! First a silver diesel Cherokee, which was totalled when I hit black ice in the dead of winter.   Lucky to be alive mishap, my car was replaced with an unattractive wine colored Cherokee. Which I took with much gratitude feeling fortunate to be alive with a similar vehicle to drive.  I kept it four years then bought a brand new Black Renegade. A convertible that I loved. I remember the euphoria of a new car,  the smell, the fun. I went from being known as the lady with the big hair in a corvette, to the mom with the pink seat covers. My car brought me so much joy I can't even begin to tell you the fun I had in it. Stuffed to the brim on camping trips, loaded with kids to go swimming, putzing around on a hunt for blue Slurpee's. Giggling down the beach in babushkas with the roof off, wearing fake noses to startle onlookers, massive curls flowing in the wind......those were the days.

           After 18 wonderful years sadly my car pulls away to it's new home
            in the country. A difficult moment to relinquish
            almost two decades driving  a car that was truly me!

Now what vehicle do you think I would have bought??? If I have  already told you please don't spoil  the surprise. Stayed tuned for the reveal on my next post where you'll see the car I purchased!


Janet said...

I understand your attachment to your car. I still have a '90 Honda Civic I bought new....mostly it sits in the driveway but once in awhile I take her out for a spin. I named her Rhonda. She has been the most faithful car I've ever owned!! HB and I have four vehicles but 90% of the time we drive our Cadillac CTS.

Lucy said...

awww Loved your car stories Mom with the pink seat covers! WE really do get attached to our vehicles. (My new one's name is FRancisco and he REALLy moves me!) you did tell me about your new one and I am SO excited and looking forward to seeing it's pics! LOT'S of LUCK and Adventure wished in your new baby.
(btw... I am waiting for your compliments to yourself on my blog!!) xoxox

oldegg said...

Great entertainment and adaptation of the prompt. I bet your readers will all reminisce over their past vehicles now. I did.

Sioux said...

How about a Suzuki...that's what we bought last fall...and we love it!!

violette said...

I can't wait to see your new car!!! I guess we are experiencing the same pangs eh?

I can just see you zooming around in your little sports car....hair flying in the wind!

At least you know your vehicle is going to a good home?!!!! What is it that little girl said "It's beauuuuuuutiful!!!!!!!!".......she's probably saying that about your car now.

Thanks for posting the calendar video - you are such an amazing friend :).

Love, Violette xo
p.s.i already got a 100 dollar bid on Glittergirl....doh!

JP/deb said...

Mmmm - can't wait to find out!! We're new car shopping this weekend as my beloved "gracie" (1985 mercedes 300D) has passed away. RIP.


aspiemom said...

Janet, we also have our blue Honda Civic hatchback. It still runs well.

This was a lovely car story. I never thought about our van having so much history, but you're absolutely right!

Thank you for sharing this piece of your life!


linda may said...

Enjoyable read. But....you are naughty. I now want to know what your next car is, Hahaha.

linda may said...

I remember doing such things in our old tarago, filled up with kids like a sardine can, roof open, kids standing up with their heads through the roof on back roads and river reserves, very very slowly.
I need a new car, have been thinking about it for a while but what I would like I can not afford.

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