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Friday, May 28, 2010

I dared to be different with my NEW KIA SOUL!!!

Tara Richley with my new car

A Happy Birthday for me, my car is one week old today! With .415k on it!

The KIA SOUL stole my heart and pinched my money! Intimidated is an
understatement as a  woman on the hunt for a new vehicle. Men cloistered at the door sizing you up. Do I disgustingly  pimp out my daughter for a good deal, knocking them off their game as they ogler her? Or do I listen to a pile of crap spewing from the assuming salesmen who surmise abundant cellulite means  dumb and dumber has come to call!! Neither......

After a year of intense Internet research, picking the brain of every male I respected, and driving around car lots hoping a decent woman, or kind man with a touch of integrity would approach me,  I tagged along with a dear friend during her test drive appointment. Two of my best friends all needed new cars this month. One involved in an accident, no fault of her own, had her three year old car written off.  The other friend had her car die on Mothers day, while mine broke down the day before. I'd hung on a year too long, spending too much to keep mine  alive. I  was  well overdue for a new road warrior!  Not another dime could I sink into my eighteen year old money pit!

If you've never seen the inside of a black  Soul, this is it!

Tara Richley a young Kia sales woman won me over with her  friendly, efficient  and respectful demeanor, making a tough decision very pleasant. She was very informative too! ATTENTION car dealerships there should be MORE female sales personnel!!!!  Not testosterone wannabes,  like Fred (short for Fredricka) at the Chrysler Dealership who tried to baffle me with bull! Women who treat  others how they want  to be treated, that's who I prefer to deal with. After all, entering  a car dealership is like a pending root canal, done with much trepidation.

One friend bought an adorable Black Nissan Versa. She encountered a  salesman at a different dealership who told  her he believes all women deserve new vehicles,  informing her of the best color for her....laugh out loud.....What a Bozo!!  Yeah that didn't happen. A woman is usually more informed than she reveals, and knows exactly what she wants. She can spot the purse and shoes she desires from a mile off....cars and men aren't much different.

My Friends Forte Coup.... photo courtesy of google

We test drove a few vehicles, my other  friend bought a cherry red sports car on the spot. She knew instantly that was the car for her. Into extreme fitness, this car is a perfect fit for her style and budget! I wasn't buying anything until the following week. In the meantime I rented a 2010 black dodge Hemi truck, hard to step up  into, it was a dream to drive for a few days.

Google photo of the Kia Soul

More and more I was loving the appearance of the Kia Soul. A subjective vehicle people either love or hate! A loyal jeep owner for so long  it was difficult to deviate from a North American car. Attracted  to the boxy style, the  bells and whistles in the  fully loaded Soul won me over. I love the idea of built in bluetooth, even though I need a new phone to accommodate it. Built in ipod connection with USB is innovative and alluring too! Plus it goes like stink,  better than I expected.  

Great gas mileage and piles of room for everything works for me! We put a six foot seven relative in the back with head and leg room to spare...he was shocked at how roomy it is. It's a lot of luxury in a small package.... a mini SUV for me, the seats flip back. I'm still trying to figure out how all the lights work. The radio is okay, but when the Ipod is on that car is a rocking with fabulous sound.  The dash lights up red at night and the door speaker lights beat to the music an utter artists delight! I never had that euphoric feeling I got with my corvette or new jeep, but Oh mama I am falling in love with my Slick ( my Souls pet name), this car makes me so HAPPY!!! 

So far I really like the Kia dealership who lent me a vehicle while I waited a day for mine. Kudos to Nick for making the transition joyful and smooth!  Thanks Tara, I don't buy cars that often, you and Nick made it so enjoyable!!! I'd recommend both of you anytime!!


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Queen-Size funny bone said...

that is so perfect for you.

Sioux said...

Cool, cool car!!!

Sandee said...

I would have never guessed this one, but a very, very nice choice. Excellent.

Have a terrific day. :)

Janet said...

Slick is gorgeous! I love that shot of the dashboard....very high-tech looking.

Buying a car is one of the worst things I can think of doing! Why are so many of the salesmen sleazy and condescending?? Good for you for finding a smart women to work with on your deal.

gemma said...

I like the style and lines of your new car. Good for you. Road trip?
Enjoy it!

Lucy said...

CONGRATULATIONS GIGGLES!!!! Happy,Safe,Fun driving in your VERY cool new car! I don't think I've ever seen a soul! (LOVE the name too!) it is so so soulful and unique! (Just like YOU). Looks like a REALLY smart choice! you're also so lucky to have found a nice salesperson! they are usually so slick! haha (no hard feelings to your soul)
keep that ipod rocking and enjoy all the rides you take! HEY.. can I send u some of my favorite zumba songs to rock to?? (kind of a new car present!) My mom always threw change in new cars for good luck! Put a lucky penny under your mat for me! xoxoxo big hugs!

keiths ramblings said...

He-he-he!Did I ever tell you that I was a car salesman for 26 years! Sounds like they are the same your side of the pond as mine!

JP/deb said...

I got mine on May 29th & I'm SO in love with it ... alien green, we named it Elliot.

love to you Soul Sistah!


Dewey Setlak said...

The generous space inside the car is also my favorite thing about the Kia Soul. The more people I can fit into a car with me, the happier I am, and the Kia Soul definitely does that for me. It also saves me from having to put the groceries in the trunk, haha, I can just put them in the back passenger space! I think Slick is a great name for your car! It definitely lives up to the name you’ve given it!

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