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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday Scribblings " Life Swap"

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is " Life Swap"
It's rare I'd even thought of swapping lives with anyone.
Yet when life gets slightly heavy, and joy seems flaunted,
for a second, envy knocks. But, with anything I desire, whether it
be time to create, loads of money, or a svelt figure,  there's always
a trade off!

Swapped then Not

He had my dream kitchen
With many rooms to spare
He had high ceilings
New furniture everywhere

He had money to spend
At a wanton whim
Sacrificing two decades
To have his dynasty begin

Family filled the house
Just like he'd planned 
His wife stayed home
Life appeared so grand

My world fell to ashes
My dream dispersed
I wanted the security
Which he was immersed

Upon observation
I felt the air amuck
Despite perfection planted
Misery had struck

As I was finding freedom
Peace with less at hand
He ran the treadmill bare
Chasing fiscal demand

The game of pretending
Soon began to wane
Attachment to his facade
Caused him so much pain

When I left his mansion
I exhaled at my door
Knowing inside my place
I had love and so much more

Envy died that day
As reality laid it’s rug
I sipped tea of contentment
with reverie in my mug


Sandee said...

Health and contentment works for me. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Marsha said...

absolutely; the grass is rarely greener - still have to mow the lawn. This is why I was told years ago by Sprit to just 'live my own life.' Sad he didn't see the love his life was lacking, you had it.

Michelle said...

Yes, the love of family and friends is far more valuable than designer furniture.

oldegg said...

How true this is. At what cost is that perfect facade put on and still does not achieve happiness?

Great work.

Anonymous said...

loved the way this poem flows .. :)

Janet said...

Just like that old saying, money can't buy you happiness. I'll take peace and tranquility over money any day!

gemma said...

Love your cup of contentment you Quirky gal...also as always your words are art.

Kathy said...

Sad, the way that people prioritize material thigs over love and other people; this is a very powerful piece, heart-breaking really.

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