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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sparky Moments

A photo taken on Saturday from the Lonsdale Quay
overlooking the Vancouver harbor, while eating lunch!

Today my friend asked, “what are some of your sparkly moments?“ Great question! Forces you to reflect about the simple beauty in life.

When I’m sitting on my computer and handed a fresh coffee through the rungs of stairs going up to the loft. It’s still such a wonderful surprise even though it’s done with some regularity. It makes me feel loved and appreciated.

Another sparkly moment happens when I get to drive my car with all the windows open, even the moon roof I thought I didn’t want, and blast some tunes…. It’s childish I know, but It makes me feel free with the music pounding into my chest. I love it! My daughter has bad allergies, so opening the window in summer is a luxury when she’s there!

I’ve heard from two good friends this week. It’s been a long while since we’ve chatted or hooked up. Knowing they even thought to shoot me an email, or call was such a sparkly feeling! Having dinner with one of them tonight to catch up is very exciting!


Sandee said...

Sparkly moments are indeed grand. Some folks never notice them at all. Too bad.

Have a terrific day and enjoy your dinner with your old friend. :)

Sioux said...

Great "sparky" things!!!

Happy Canada Day!!

artbrat said...

I love that one of your sparkly moments is appreciating the simple act of kindness another gives you in a gift of a hot cup of coffee. Those are the moments that make our lives special and all to often they go overlooked.

Hope you have tons of moments like those everyday!

JP/deb said...

wonderful, memorable sparkly moments.

love today's Kerouac quote too ... so true!

cheers, peace & love,

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