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Friday, July 16, 2010

My New Glasses!

Do I look scary in this photo? Well it looks a lot scarier if you saw the whole picture. I'm awaiting the growth of the nasty bangs I chopped away at. They make me look ready for the home! Actually I just wanted to show you my new fuchsia vogue glasses, (Thank-you for abundance,) They're more the color of this font, than in the picture! I scored half price Progressives, and a pair of prescription's sunglasses as well!

Imagine they have paisleys on them too! It's not very clear here, but there are shiny crystals, and little silver studs embedded in the arm.  Did you know I wanted to name a daughter Paisley from the time I was ten years old, but the child's father wouldn't let me!! So Pepper it is!

I got my glasses at sears, they had a fantastic deal where costco had nothing I liked. Did you know you can order really cheap glasses online at Zenni Optical too... I'm on the search for a black pair now. And some more funky art  glasses. Ones that scream " This lady is definitely an Artist!!" or a nutcase....either way they'll be bold.

 If you look on the inside arm of your glasses it will tell you all the numbers you need other than the prescription, which you can get from your health care provider. I need a 15 for the bridge and a 135 for the arm, then I like about a 50mm wide lens, and a 30 high to accommodate the progressive lens. You also need the pd or pupil distance which you usually find on your prescription or ask your optometrist.   My PD is 58. So there you have it.... you can order a pair for as low as eight bucks. My son in law ordered three pairs of prescription sunglasses for 60 something dollars two years ago and they came in this tacky little box from overseas....  He's still wearing them I'll let you know what I get!  Have a great day!


Jessie said...

They're gorgeous! I love the detailing on the sides. I've just bought some new purple glasses too, I can't get enough purple! xx

Sandee said...

I love your new glasses. Great choice.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

well aren't you the cats meow. LOve them.

Janet said...

The new glasses are definitely YOU! I love them....and I love paisleys, too.

All the talk about lens size and PD brought back some memories. I used to work at an optical lab doing data entry so I was familiar with all those terms. Hadn't thought about that in years!

Lucy said...

are u crazzzzyy!! that is the BEST pic of you I ever saw!! Please let me see the whole thing!(pretty please, i won't show anyone!) YOUr amazing Eyes POPPED with those cute bangs! Looks to me(and don't forget.. I am a professional!! haha) They were done SUPER well! did u use a notching shear?
EXcellent look for you!!!
Oh wait..this is about the glasses...
I had NO idea sears had glasses, cause u are right.. costco's selection stinks! VERY hip very funky glasses momma! just like u! xoxox

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