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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who knew!

Does life just get quirkier as we get older? Or do WE get quirkier? And damn it, when did I turn into my mother? At twenty  I was so  quick to share all my complaints about  mom to a dear friend. We compared all our mothers follies. Guess what? Now thirty years later we  both share our mother's follies. I can't remember the last time I checked the window tracks in my house to see how clean they are. Bet my friend  hasn't either.

Who friggin cares....if you don't see them they aren't there. What kind of an idiot was I?  Running around with a Q-TIP cleaning grunge from window sills! Did anyone every say to me " Wow you have the cleanest tracks in town....what a good house keeper you are?" No they never did! Just like they never said wow what a clean floor you always have, when I washed it every single night before bed. Just so my child could  drag   grass off her trampoline onto the floor the very next day!  

Who is the real fool I wonder...? Yes that might be me!! Cooking in a hot house for years, trying to keep life perfect when it was far from it! Now I do what I want, and I like it a lot better....But oh man, does someone want to send a housekeeper my way so I can have another game of scrabble?


Sandee said...

Yep we wanted to be perfect. I did too. I don't anymore though. I just enjoy every minute just like you do.

Have a terrific day. :)

Lucy said...

hahah WOW do I relate baby!! I had the q-tips in the cracks too! Wish you would have said..'wow u have the cleanest crack in town!!" haha
This is also SO timely for me.. as i am in the same boat as u! I keep looking around in disgust but thining.. F*** it! I'd rather be doing AnYTHING else! I wasted so many of my young vibrant days sterilizing this house!! CRAZYYYYY!!! The best thing we can do giggs?? WARN all our younger sisters NOT to make the same mistake!

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